So MCMC deems S’wak Report false, Lester true?

YOURSAY 'Yet another gov’t agency being deployed to suppress the truth.'


Repeat SR claims and face action, warns MCMC

Tholu: So now just quoting other media sources is a crime? Is it truly in the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA)?


Can Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) enforcement and surveillance division chief Zulkarnain Mohd Yasin enlighten us with the precise section of the Act that makes it unlawful?


Otherwise we cannot be blamed for presuming this unwarranted 'warning' as nothing more than an unlawful and despicable threat to the online news media.


I wonder why the enforcement agencies such as the police, Immigration and the MCMC are acting in desperation, while those who should truly be desperate and jittery are those who are unable to provide convincing and plausible answers to the numerous queries revolving around 1MDB.


Enforcement agencies that blindly and unwisely execute their duties to protect and cover up the ostensible abuse of power and the siphoning of the people's wealth are not worth the taxpayers’ money with which they are established and operate.


Chipmunk: When the world knows that Sarawak Report , The Wall Street Journal and The Edge are credible sources of information, we have MCMC and the likes of them trying to discredit them.


Is MCMC working only for its political masters? Come on MCMC, if you feel that the information is inaccurate, get your bosses to sue the publications. It’s as simple as that. Stop being a sore loser.


Thana55: Why is it that Sarawak Report's reports are deemed 'false' whilst former journalist Lester Melanyi's is 'true'? This is being selective like rest of the screwed-up enforcement agencies.


RCZ: Indeed, for months we have been hearing how Sarawak Report falsified documents but we have yet to receive any evidence to the contrary.


Sabahan: So in Malaysia, repeating a statement that may or may not be true is liable to punishment. What sort of lunacy is this?


Drngsc: To the best of my knowledge, the only credible source of information that the rakyat have on 1MDB, PetroSaudi International and the PM are Sarawak Report , The Wall Street Journal and The Edge .


All 1MDB’s and PM's replies consist only of bare denials and silence. Nothing credible has come out from the powers-that-be. And MCMC is trying to muzzle these credible sources of information? Where is the logic?


Go and silence the Lesters, the Dahlans, the Aruls, who lie and twist and turn. We the rakyat can see. Yes, we cannot do anything about it now, but we can sure do something come GE14. Just you remember.


Iiiizzzziiii: It does not matter how CMA is being interpreted. What matters most is how it is being used to suppress free flow of information.


They can twist and turn, but the truth is out there in the Internet. Whoever designed and implemented the Internet must be a visionary, because it precisely did what it has been intended to do so that no single entity can restrict and suppress the free flow of information.


This can cut both ways, depending on who and what it is used for. The Najib regime can do what it wants, and the only way to counter it is to teach the masses how to access alternate information from the Internet to get both sides of the story.


What happens next is very much in their hands. If each and every one does our part in showing others how to circumvent the blockage erected by the regime, then we have done our part. This is what the information age is all about.


Swipenter: The MCMC's reasonings remind me of former US president George Bush Jr and his doctrine of preemptive strike.


Using the reason that the Saddam Hussein regime had in its possession weapons of mass destruction and would use them against his enemies, US invaded Iraq, and the rest is history.


Malaysia Ku: Yes, yet another government agency being deployed to suppress the truth and protect the guilty. Soon the whole machinery of the government will be roped on to defend the ‘kingpin’ involved in this massive scandal.


Humpty Dumpy is still sitting on the wall. But his fall is inevitable, and no one can put him back together again. Lewis Caroll's tales always have a definitive conclusion, an epilogue of the travails of good versus bad.


Hang Babeuf: The Shah Alam Bulletin reported that the sun rose yesterday. This news deeply offended many people, who prefer to live in darkness. They have complained, in large numbers, to the MCMC.


The MCMC, for its part, has noted that there is no reason to think that the sun did not rise yesterday. But since the matter remains under investigation, it will be an offence until further notice for any paper or news service to report the rising of the sun in any part of Malaysia.


This action may seem extreme or irrational, but it is simply a case of the MCMC attending responsibly to its duties. Meanwhile, enjoy the dark everybody!


And if you can find any sunlight around or above you anywhere, be careful. The MCMC may soon come to visit you.

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