The questionable characters in PM's defence

YOURSAY ‘Some people are born fools, others have foolishness thrust upon them.’


British PM, high comm roped into 1MDB fray


Odin Tajué: Ramesh Rao Naidu, when you first liaised with Lester Melanyi, did you or did you not present yourself as a special officer to PM Najib Razak? Yes or no? On checking with Najib's office (PMO), it was found that it has no such appointee.


If the denial by PMO is the truth, then you are a liar,  a disgusting, shameless person for having misrepresented yourself. Furthermore, since you have been dishonest in that manner, we can safely assume that you have been untruthful in other ways also.


On the other hand, if the denial by PMO is not the truth, meaning to say you are indeed a special officer to Najib, then Najib must be so desperate for support that he has to rely on you and Lester, creatures whose credibility is highly questionable.


Quite besides your questionable credibility, you all are so amateurish in the production of your supposed evidential videos that, to we out here, they have even less worth than the rubbish at a dump site.


In the production of the videos, professionalism is totally absent. The videos have failed miserably to impress or even to impart some measure of possible truth sufficient for us to grant you the benefit of the doubt.


Only the most imbecilic sycophants much partial to polishing Najib's boots would have any faith in the veracity of the information imparted through your videos.


You are most unqualified to advise Malaysians on what to do and what to believe. You definitely are sorely lacking in any qualification - and not to forget credibility - to give advice to most readers of Malaysiakini ; these people are by far superior to you in many, many ways.


Nevertheless, we fully understand why you and Lester have gone to such lengths to make utter fools of yourselves and to relegate yourselves to the very bottom of the societal ladder. With the sort of character clearly present in yourselves and the pile of debts weighing down on your mud-filled noggins, you would do anything to lift and remove that burden.


By the way, we shall remind you that it is you yourself who have admitted your great financial difficulties and that of Lester's. We have not fabricated this information.


Restless: Spot on, Odin Tajue. By virtue of Ramesh asking Sarawak Report editor Claire Rewcastle-Brown to stay out of Malaysian politics, that in itself speaks volume. To him, he is probably intoxicated in Malaysian politics from his mission to absolve some top-notch politicians from the 1MDB fiasco.


But to the rakyat, (he himself being one of the millions), it's the RM42 billions of our money we demand an answer to. We want accountability, regardless if the perpetrator is a politician, banker or just an ordinary person.


From this, we can infer he is here for some political favour or monetary gains. That reveals how unintelligent he can be, so stop telling us how we should defend our sovereignty.


Sirach: Some people are born fools, some are self-made, and others have foolishness thrust upon them. Which category do you fall into, Ramesh?



NGO chief: So what if Lester is bankrupt?


Mushiro: If Ramesh insisted that Lester's status as a bankrupt has no bearing on his expose regarding Sarawak Report , then Ramesh does not have to be so apologetic for Lester.


The fact that Lester is heavily in debt will cause him to succumb to threats and the possibility of being paid for pleasing others.


Surely for a stature of a PM, a more credible witness is expected, someone who can withstand cross questioning by journalists - not a weakling who has to be protected.


Pemerhati: After the revelation that Lester is a bankrupt, hardly anyone is likely to pay any attention to what Lester and Ramesh say in the future.


Even Najib and his dim-witted Umno ministers and other cohorts are likely to realise that and hence are likely to decide that it is not worth their while to spend any more money on them and might ask them to stop producing any more fabricated reports and videos.


Najib, however, might console them by suggesting that he could pay them some money if they agree to become cybertroopers in Malaysiakini .


All For Malaysia: When there is an attempt to unearth the truth, you all demonise the man, call him names, disparage him, accuse him of everything under the sun, and even want to know if he had money so you can sue him.


If he was a multi-millionaire, you will say he had ill-gotten gains by virtue of being paid to talk. Now he is a bankrupt, it’s the other way round.


It looks like truth is only reserved for the online media that want to say it as they like, and news portals that want to demonise certain individuals. Shame on you all for picking on this fellow.


Rewcastle-Brown should know that if he was nothing, she would not be found trying to discredit him, including finding the photo of the guy he showed and said he was a bus inspector or what not.


I know many young people that are web experts working in different jobs, but still maintain their talents.


Smer: And how about the fact that his "confession" is full of holes and can't be backed by evidence?


Considering the macro view of this whole issue, Lester can easily be seen as a toady hired by someone to spread falsehoods. His status of bankruptcy further strengthens the view that he is willing to do anything for money.


Think Right: This is exactly the problem when you have a lot of debts. You need money and who else better to sell your soul to?


Care to show us your accounts now? I am sure all of a sudden your debts have disappeared and you are no more a bankrupt.


Hang Babeuf: Lester is bankrupt, half the companies in this sorry 1MDB story soon will be (in the narrow financial sense), and those who, keeping the entire nation in the dark, are running the Great Cover-up to protect the PM and others involved in this stupendous scam are morally bankrupt.


OK, now that that is clear, can we please just have the facts. As in the old police drama on the radio, "All I want is the facts, m'am, just the facts!"

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