YOURSAY ‘Bersih 4 was meant not only for the Chinese but for all.’

Chinese flexing muscles at Malays, says Tunku Aziz

Odin Tajué: I make no apologies for some plain-speaking. I write today not in anger, nor in sorrow, but in a calm, collected state, absolutely certain that my views will not be taken amiss by most, if not all.

I am not beholden to anyone; and to me, as a world citizen, this planet that I love and cherish, and its interests come above all other considerations.

The Bersih 4 rally was meant not only for the Chinese but for all; but Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim would have you believe that it was an event conceived, organised and funded by the Chinese, and meant only for same.

The hatred this man has for the Chinese has consumed him so, so that he has become blind to the fact that there actually were Malays - as well as those of other ethnic groups - taking part in the rally, and so that he has chosen to discount the cause of the absence of many of his kind was in actuality the threats of impending doom hurled by the very rotten, putrefied, corrupt specimens of his own kind who have been and are still deceiving and leeching on them as well as on everyone else.

There are many others of his kind like him within and without the tyrannical, dictatorial regime. Now you can understand why his country is a failed state.

Jesse: I am saddened that Tunku Aziz chose to interpret the protest as a challenge to Malays and Merdeka. It is perverse and warped.

The protest was largely about corruption in government. I did not see a single voice or poster against race or related to race and yet, he makes such a slanted conclusion.

The race card has been played for so long that everything is now interpreted on the basis of race or religion. That is the norm fostered by Umno and people like him over the years.

No wonder this nation is unable to progress because corrupt activities are hidden behind the race card and the liberal use of sedition laws to stifle dissent. Why should we constantly see things through coloured lens?

Odysseus: Tunku Aziz, you are just a senile old man who has forgotten about the values which you had championed.

Please tell us what's wrong with the five Bersih demands. Don't you think the value of these demands is universal which should have been taught in school through moral and religious class?

Now, assuming you are right in pointing out that it’s the Chinese who are championing these demands, are you also saying these values are not important to the Malays.

Cheong Sai Fah: Now Tunku Aziz is accusing the Chinese of flexing their muscles at Malays. Yet he mentions that more Malays came to the rally on day 2 of Bersih 4 last weekend. Has he stopped to wonder why?

It is because the Malays realised the government warning of possible chaos and declaration of emergency was wrong as the rally turned out to be peaceful.

Perhaps Tunku Aziz has joined the race-baiters. How can the Chinese ever be a threat to the Malays when the police, army and government institutions are in Malay hands?

Anonymous #33227154: Tunku Aziz, the Bersih participants are the ones who know the true meaning of Merdeka. We want to be free from corruption, racism and oppression.

If you and your gang want to continue to be chained by corruption, racism and oppression, be our guests. But don't make such stupid racist comments.

The Bersih participants want to fight for a better Malaysia. They are patriots. This country belongs to Malaysians of all races, not just to the Malays alone. Malaysians participate in Bersih because we love our country and don't want it to collapse under a corrupted rule.

We may have achieved Merdeka for 58 years, but we are still not free.

Vijay47: Ethics? This man is some director of an ethics agency? What does Tunku Aziz know about ethics? No wonder, he is an advisor to Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The fact that he quotes his personal past that supposedly reflects his open far-from-racist tendencies does not hide the fact that he is a dyed-in-the-wool extremist.

He is just another of the retards scavenging into the aftermath of Bersih 4 desperately scrounging for evidence, any evidence, to support his prejudiced arguments.

Tunku Aziz makes it sound as if the march was some clandestine event only the Chinese were made aware of. Had Bersih 4 seen a majority of Malays, this same wretch would have sung another song to the same tune, again blaming the Chinese.

This ethics inventor has got even the facts wrong - the Malays may not have been that visible on day one, but on the second day, they were back in their thousands, lustily singing a song Tunku Aziz may not know - Negara Ku.

Milosevic: Tunku Aziz cannot fathom the changes around him. He assumed he could easily be propelled to a commanding position in the DAP for just been a Malay notable.

When his lack of vision for a new Malaysia forestalled his power ambitions in DAP, he left in anger, and reverted to unadulterated racial parochialism, which helped him gain some measly positions offered by a decomposing Umno establishment.

His Chinese scapegoating strategy is evil but will fail because the Chinese are not the obstacle to Malay progress. He can play the race card but the Malay economic position is now dependent on how the government runs a first-class administrative and knowledge-generating system.

Everyone knows the Chinese population is dwindling in Malaysia and they are not in a position to marginalise Malays.

This man, in promoting himself, only knows how to bring harm to the Malays under the guise of caring for them. Shameful.

Caesar's Wife: He says, "That the Chinese have never identified with Merdeka throughout our 58 years of independence..." and "I put great store in Sino-Malay unity as a basis for nation building..."

What a hypocrite this man is. I had wondered why he was booted out of the DAP. Now I know.

In one fell swoop, Tunku Aziz discredits himself irreparably

Scratch a little and the racial supremacist emerges

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