Scratch a little and the racial supremacist emerges

YOURSAY ‘It is a pity that someone as old as this should say something as stupid as this.’

Chinese flexing muscles at Malays, says Tunku Aziz

SRMan: Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim, when you said that "it is obvious that this undeniably Chinese funded and organised demonstration had chosen carefully the dates to flex their muscles and to show their complete and utter disdain for an event of great emotional and spiritual significance for millions of Malays," you are implying as if this rally was pre-planned by the Chinese to fulfill your said agendas.

But then you are wrong because nobody, including the police, knew beforehand that the Chinese would outnumber other races in Bersih 4. That being the case, how would the Chinese have planned to flex their muscles at anyone?

By the way, where were you when the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers were harassed at the height of the special task force investigations on the RM2.6 billion scandal?

Didn't you put your so-called 30 years of anti-corruption experience into action?

CQ Muar: Tunku Aziz has gone bonkers for uttering such highly inflammatory statements.

After his departure from DAP where he was disillusioned over some differences, he immediately spewed ill about the party.

And now, out of "boredom" and having being ignored and left out in the cold for too long, he begins to let his imaginations run wild with such absurd and racist remarks.

Police reports must be made against him for his attempt to cause racial unrest among the different races. He ought to be put behind bars; better still, confined in an asylum.

Negarawan: "But this provocative and racially insensitive act is arrogant by any reckoning and something which I will long remember as a deliberate challenge to Malay sentiments and sensitivities," said Tunku Aziz in a commentary published by New Straits Times .

Tunku Aziz obviously has a hidden agenda to racialise the Bersih gathering as he has decidedly brushed aside the participation of a large percentage of Malays, Malay leaders, and ex-PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad himself. Many of the key organising committee members of Bersih are Malays.

This blatant, shameful and untruthful commentary to racialise Bersih could only be published by a racist Umno publication. Tunku Aziz is playing to the script of Umno in his racially distorted version of history, aimed at belittling the contributions of non-Malays to the country.

Tunku Aziz has lost all his respect and honour by revealing that he is a racial supremacist and bigot.

Sontotsia: Tunku Aziz, you have got it all wrong. When the Malays gathered to attack innocent Chinese people in Low Yat over theft of a mobile phone, that was Malays flexing their muscles. The Chinese didn't retaliate and many even went to the extent of forgiving the perpetrators.

If you had attended Bersih 4 rally, you would have known that the crowd was made up of Malay Malaysians, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians, Portuguese Malaysians, Malaysians of mixed parentage, and East Malaysians.

Pardon me for pointing out the obvious, but we Malaysians came together over the weekend to express how we felt about the thievery and arrogance of those who are holding power in our beloved country.

Malaysians are not stupid and it will do you well not to take us to be fools. You are speaking up for the kleptocrats who are laying siege to this nation of ours. You desire racial warfare to bring emergency rule so your kind can hold on to power.

Myviews: I used to have a high regard for you and when you joined DAP, I even fantasise that one day, you may lead the party. But as you go into your twilight years, you have shown your true colours.

You are nothing but a downright racist. Or, if you're not, then you are going senile and I hope it is the latter for your own sake so that you'll not be cursed when you leave for the hereafter.

You yourself admitted you took a long time to join DAP and you did so because it is the only party that has been consistent in its policies since inception.

As for your views on Bersih 4, why must you link it to race when the whole world knows that it is corruption at its highest level that Malaysians are fighting against? What better time to take to the streets if not on Merdeka Day?

Anonymous_1378093545: It is a pity that someone as old as this should say something as stupid as this. After 58 years, you are still thinking along racial lines. The Malays can see for themselves how you have actually betrayed them with this bulls**t of keeping the Malay race 'safe'.

The likes of you have actually castrated them and impeded their chances to compete on a level playing field. You held back their advancement by treating them like invalids.

With education and communication advances, they are seeing the horrible injustice that you have done to them. If a parent keeps telling a child that he is incapable, he remains incapable.

Fifty years ago, the Malays were no less fluent in English nor less capable than the other races. If you had let them be, today there would be no talk of a need to protect the Malay race and the Muslim religion.

This is your ploy to keep them under your diseased thumb. The Malays are beginning to see this and no one is going to pay heed to your unsavory ramblings.

Dis Fed-up Man: I have lived from the time of the British rule, then the way Malayans fought for independence, then the formation of Malaysia. All these years, as I recall, we never had to distinguish between races, until now, which is being played up by politicians.

Having witnessed the progress of Malaya, and then Malaysia, I have learnt that it really does not pay to play this card at all.

The elders, including me, must learn to keep quiet and enjoy the twilight of our years as we undoubtedly are definitely unable to cope with the present age.

As for the younger, brainy, well-read and intelligent, surely you would not bother to get upset with people who try to impose their obsolete opinions and to give them more publicity than they deserve. Disregard them and they will fade with the setting sun.

Anonymous_1421806811: It is indeed disappointing to see a noted statesman like Tunku Aziz take such a racist stand.

I am not Chinese and I attended Bersih 4 because I was concerned with the leadership of the country. There is nothing unpatriotic about Bersih 4.

Many Malays did not attend because they were afraid their government jobs will be affected. Tunku Aziz must be living in the 19th century. How can he take up a position in MACC when he is so biased in his views.

Helen: This is one most historically ignorant and racist way of interpreting the independence history and the current reality.

Do you mean that Mahathir also had no regard for the Merdeka Day? Have you seen how everybody shouted "Merdeka" and sang the Negaraku in a hearty way at midnight?

After DAP, Tunku Aziz joins race-baiters

In one fell swoop, Tunku Aziz discredits himself irreparably

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