In one fell swoop, Tunku Aziz discredits himself irreparably

YOURSAY ‘If his comments are not seditious then I don't know what is.’

Chinese flexing muscles at Malays, says Tunku Aziz

Gerard Lourdesamy: Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim's statement has confirmed that nation-building has been an abject failure under both the Alliance and now the BN.

Going by his warped reasoning, Bersih 1, 2 and 3 that was dominated by the Malays must have been offensive and insensitive to the Chinese and Indians. Was the presence of former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad at Bersih 4 also a challenge to Malay sensitivities and emotions?

Or do the Malays now regard him as a traitor to the race for defiling the Merdeka celebrations by joining a public protest? So Mahathir's absence from the Merdeka parade on Aug 31 must mean that he is disloyal and a traitor to the nation?

As I recall when the Tunku Abdul Rahman and Hussein Onn passed away both were no longer Umno members. So do we also regard them as traitors to the Malay cause? Ask the majority of Malays who did not attend Bersih 4 whether they support Najib remaining as PM?

Independence is meaningless if corruption and abuses are endemic in the leadership while the country heads towards rack and ruin.

Casey: Tunku Aziz, for someone who did not attend the rally, you could only spew venom to please your political masters. I used to have some regards for what you'd claimed you stood for.

But alas, your political belief and orientation seems to be so fragile that it could not survive the lure of wealth and position. Political allegiance may be your prerogative; but to spew venom and made such reckless and callous allegation is to say the least, totally irresponsible and unbecoming.

I was there, and I can tell you that the camaraderie amongst the races, Chinese, Malays, Indians and others were not something that was choreographed or orchestrated; but sustained by one common cause - to reclaim Malaysia.

We can't continue to allow this beloved country of ours to be hijacked and held ransom by a small group of Umno's bandits and thieves.

And to disappoint you further, notwithstanding the overwhelming numbers, the Chinese and Indian participants at the rally actually looked up to the Malay leaders who spoke; and held and revered them as their own leaders.

The rally was not for flexing muscles at one another; but to collectively flex our muscles as Malaysians against the tyrannical power-that-be - the Umno government, a government that has decayed beyond redemption.

Anonymous_ABG: What a shame, a man of your education and knowledge of public affairs you crave for a comfortable life the easy way, and that easy way is to champion Malay rights.

The Chinese and Indians are not flexing their muscles but they are crying for a fair and clean government.

Just remember they stood side by side in the fight for Independence - the Chinese even financed the expenses of the Malayan delegation attending Independence talks in London.

Malaytoo: If this is not seditious then I don't know what is. How the authorities act on this will show how impartial and fair our law enforcement is. This is worse than any of the racial statement from Ridhuan Tee Abdullah.

For someone of his age and position, it is extremely irresponsible for Tunku Aziz to make such inflammatory statement. It totally disrespects all sacrifices of our forefathers of all races who fought for Merdeka.

Legit: Tunku Aziz, I think you must be a lonely pitiful soul living within the confines of your own narrow-minded thoughts (katak di bawah tempurung).

I attended the rally - and I am not a Chinese - but what I saw was full of patriotism and love for the country among the many Chinese who were there.

I did not feel any sense that the Chinese were flexing their muscles. Instead, there was a true sense of comraderie and friendship between the races who saw themselves as Malaysians.

For your information, I have also lived in a few countries where there are sizable numbers of Malaysian diaspora. During Malaysia’s national day and other festivities I saw Chinese Malaysian, not the Malays, who get all excited and go all out to hoist the Malaysian flag and organise the celebrations although they live in foreign lands.

Tunku Aziz, you must be ashamed of yourself for making such uninformed and stupid remark and an apology is the least that you can offer to redeem yourself.

Anon 888: If he can make such a racialist and unethical statement "that the Chinese have never identified with Merdeka through our 58 years of independence is not in dispute,” then Tunku Aziz is in no way fit to be the director of the International Institute for Public Ethics and neither should he be the chairperson of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) advisory board.

Such being the case, one also cannot help coming to the obvious conclusion that you have been paid by your political master to come out using such stupid and highly sensitive statements to try to draw the public’s attention away from the 1MDB scandal.

However, if you bother to read from the numerous comments posted by Malaysiakini readers, you will realised that you have not succeeded in your ploy.

Dizzer: There is something seriously wrong with Tunku Aziz's former employer, Transparency International.

It is supposed to be some sort of ethical watchdog but it has extremely dodgy nature of the people running it - Tunku Aziz, Paul Low and now Akbar Satar - it makes me wonder about its agenda.

KSD: I wonder what his wife thinks of his statement. After all, his wife is Chinese. Sigh, it sure is disgusting to see the depths men can descend to.

I hope that the International Institute of Public Ethics of which he claims to be a director will take action to disassociate itself from him.

After DAP, Tunku Aziz joins race-baiters

Scratch a little and the racial supremacist emerges

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In one fell swoop, Tunku Aziz discredits himself irrepairably

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