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Ezam: Resurrecting BMF, forex won't resolve trust deficit
Published:  Feb 8, 2017 12:05 PM
Updated: 12:13 PM

Former Umno member Ezam Md Nor has lambasted Umno Youth for flogging the dead horse of the BMF and Bank Negara Foreign exhange (Forex) saga, which he said won't do anything to restore confidence in Malaysia's present government.

"The confidence of the world can't be restored by trumpeting tales from 30 years ago. The world's faith in Malaysia will only be restored with government action against those responsible for present day crimes," said Ezam in a statement.

He related that during the BMF and Bank Negara foreign exchange debacles, there were arrests as well as convictions for BMF, while others lost their jobs over the Bank Negara forex fracas.

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