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Yoursay: Is 'PD Move' necessary, or just wasteful?

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YOURSAY | 'Nothing seems right for those against Anwar, and nothing seems wrong for his supporters.'

PKR executes 'PD Move' to pave way for Anwar's return

Mushiro: Nothing seems right for the people who are against PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim, and nothing seems wrong for the people who are for Anwar.

Even if one argues until the cows come home, it is the Port Dickson MP’s right to resign and it is anybody’s right to stand as a candidate there.

For Anwar, the prime-minister-in-waiting, this is about the best time for him to try to enter Parliament. There are no issues and this is democracy at work.

Winning the MP’s seat is only one of the many steps in Anwar’s path. There are too many obstacles lined up by his enemies, especially within his party and the Pakatan Harapan coalition.

Anonymous: We may abhor the "Kajang move"-style of a by-election, but this "PD move" is critical and necessary as a backup succession plan, considering our prime minister’s ripe age.

Without a "crown prince" position, chaos due to power struggles may arise – within and without.

In case Mahathir wants to "go back to Mahathirism", currently no one in Harapan nor the cabinet is able to lead the "check and balance" on Mahathir except Anwar.

Your Conscience: There is no question that this by-election is necessary. It was agreed upon even when Anwar was in prison.

There is no chance he will lose in Port Dickson under the present scenario. Veterans will also ultimately support Anwar.

Anwar is going to be our next prime minister and the leader of Harapan, whether you like it or not. So, get over it and let's support him so we have a stable, progressive Harapan government.

Mahathir can only continue for so long. Come 2020, he should step down, knowing very well he has set the country in the right direction after messing it up earlier. Also, it was his Vision 2020. Now Mahathir will be very happy that he, as our prime minister, can finally watch the fruits of his labour.

Anonymous 1802761448130592: Incumbent Port Dickson MP Danyal Abdullah Balagopal is paving the way willingly and happily for Anwar. So let's accept the decision in good faith and let our country move forward.

We voted in Harapan on the understanding and acceptance that Anwar will assume the prime minister's position in two years’ time, and two years is not an awfully long time from May 9.

Anonymous_1372213739: This is the wrong time to hold a by-election as the voters are tired. We should be spending the time getting our economy back on its feet, instead of focussing our attention on one person.

Why have the "PD move"? Why are we having the wrong priority again?

Clever Voter: Anwar is obviously ignoring a growing number of people unhappy with this arrangement. The habit of resigning to make way for some bigshot is not going down well.

People may not vote for BN, but as a protest, they will just not show up.

Taking voters for granted has become a habitual behaviour, and if Anwar does win as expected, it is not with the support he deserves but a convenient and easy way.

Making a mockery of the electoral system isn't funny. PKR tends to forget that Reformasi isn't good enough. They are being judged on their sincerity and dedication.

Whatever the outcome, taxpayers will again bear the cost of this irresponsible behaviour.

Kevin: I doubt Anwar is going to secure even 50 percent of the votes due to "poor turnout". People are quite tired of this kind of politics.

The “I want to be prime minister, so please vacate your seat” attitude is bad for PKR, and for Harapan in general.

It is very obvious – at least to me – that PKR leaders want nothing else but to retain power, not to serve the people.

Why can't Anwar just return to Permatang Pauh? Jumping here and there, just like Iskandar Puteri MP and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang.

It doesn't show loyalty to the constituency they ought to represent. I can smell that BN 2.0 has already started.

Fair Play: Commenters here who are against whatever Anwar wants to do or doesn’t want to do in accordance with what they wish or want have two choices.

If you are a voter in Port Dickson, just vote him out or live with him.

If you are not living in the constituency where Anwar will stand as a candidate, why try so hard to break a blood vessel?

Why would I get upset about events that I have no control over? I doubt Anwar will ever come to the constituency where I have been voting.

Leave PD to us - veterans' group pleads with Anwar

Mano: Forcing by-elections is morally and financially wrong. Why must the candidate give up the seat? Why no respect for the voters' choice on May 9?

Why the unnecessary expense of a by-election, to be paid for by the rakyat?

PKR is treating the country's funds like its personal funds and I dread what will become of it later.

Lionking: Come on, I am sure the retired army man will be there to help. Please let’s all support the new government.

Infighting will bring us down and the alternative is a disaster, not to Port Dickson but to the nation. So let’s not shoot our own feet.

Anwar should try to win a with a bigger margin to drive home the message that a certain race-based party will not succeed. If we don’t, then the race-based party will have a field day burying all of us.

YTMQ: Anwar should choose Permatang Pauh or Pandan, otherwise there could be a backlash from voters. Please don't take Harapan supporters for granted.

We stood by you all these years, but then you would be pushing it if your choice is other than those two.

You can't be securing your wife's deputy premiership, securing your daughter's political career and at the same time securing your own path to the premiership, all at once. It's called greed, and people can see it.

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