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Najib charged again; Mustapa questioned by cops, claims Annuar

KINI ROUNDUP | Here are the key headlines you may have missed yesterday, in brief.

Najib charged again

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak was slapped with 25 charges for money-laundering and abuse of power in regards to the RM2.6 billion found in his personal account. He was let off on a RM3.5 million bail.

Speaking to reporters later, Najib said he hoped that his trial would show that the rule of law still exists in the country.

Najib's lead counsel Muhammad Shafee Abdullah said he is “ delighted” to see that the charges against his client are not fully thought out which he claims shows that the prosecution is desperate.

While Najib was being charged at the KL Sessions Court, a team of policemen from Bukit Aman raided his mother's house in Jalan Eaton after receiving a tip-off of hidden cash. They returned empty-handed after breaking through the house's ceiling as part of their search.

In response to the raid, Najib's daughter Nooryana Najwa took to Instagram to lament why the police did not have mercy for a 87-year-old woman.

Mustapa questioned by cops, claims Annuar

Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa claimed that Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed, who recently quit from Umno, was questioned by police in regards to receiving funds from “certain quarters”, 10 days before his resignation.

Mustapa, in a “ clarification” later, said he did indeed assist the police but only as the then Kelantan Umno liaison chief and it was actually Kelantan Umno which was under probe for having received money allegedly from 1MDB and not him personally.

Annuar also claimed that certain quarters are attempting to buy over leaders from Umno but did not mention names.

The party's supreme council member Lokman Noor Adam took it up a notch and claimed Daim Zainuddin threatened Mustapa into quitting Umno or risk facing charges for taking 1MDB money.

Najib also told reporters that all Umno members should show their loyalty to the party during these "trying times" as they had all benefited from the party before.

Other Kinibites

Singapore's Channel News Asia quoted PKR president-elect Anwar Ibrahim as admitting in a dialogue session that he felt “it should be me, not you' when watching Dr Mahathir Mohamad getting sworn-in as the prime minister on May 10.

Felda chairperson Megat Zaharuddin Megat Mohd Nor said the agency will sell assets - including property in London - restructure some loans and try to boost cash flow in order to trim its debts of nearly US$2 billion.

Wan Hamidi Hamid, the former editor-in-chief for DAP mouthpiece The Rocket, has reportedly been offered the job of Bernama CEO.

The Election Commission announced that the Port Dickson by-election will take place on Oct 13 while the nomination process will be held on Sept 29 with a 14-day campaign period.

The Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court granted an acquittal to Malaysiakini and KiniTV directors, editor-in-chief Steven Gan and chief executive officer Premesh Chandran, over several charges of uploading an allegedly offensive video on former attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali.

Looking ahead

Anwar will hold a press conference on the Port Dickson by-election.

Mahathir will hold a press conference at Perdana Putra.

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