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COMMENT | If you had one wish from Anwar, what would it be?
COMMENT | The Malay population is well catered for. Their needs are addressed, and when they bark, Putrajaya jumps.

Successive governments have bent over backwards to appease the Malays. With increased handouts and affirmative action policies, promises to uphold Malay interests and the "special position of the Malays", why would any Malay desire change? Why stop the privileged situation of a lifetime of being pampered and spoilt?

We were warned that we must be sensitive to the needs of the Malays; but why should we swaddle the Malays in extra layers of cotton wool and make the non-Malays walk on eggshells?

The end result is an overbearing, arrogant, and unthinking Malay, whose sense of entitlement is so strong, that he feels as if he can do no wrong. Throw in the twin evils of race and religion, and you get a person who believes that the world owes him, and he need not give anything in return.

No one envies prime minister Anwar Ibrahim and his inner circle, the fact that they have a minefield to navigate. If they successfully traverse this danger zone and reach the other side, they must...

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