Nuclear power plant - build it in Putrajaya

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vox populi small thumbnail 'I am all for the power plant if the government leads by example by building the plant in Putrajaya, preferably next to the PM's office.'

Gov't powers ahead with two nuclear plants

Godflesh: The government can't even ensure the quality of roads, bridges and buildings, now they want to go nuclear. While roads and buildings merely collapse, one just has to look at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and the devastation it caused from mismanagement and poor design. Hopefully Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin is aware of this.

Alexius: I am all for the power plant if the government leads by example by building the plant in Putrajaya, preferably next to the PM's office or residence and they can also build the other one near minister Peter Chin's residence. If the plants are so safe, this should not be a problem, right?

Imma Bee: The decision to use nuclear energy cannot be taken lightly as its impact on lives can be very devastating in the event of any mishap - however remote that may be - particularly to those living or working near such reactor.

A public referendum must be positively obtained in such an undertaking before it is implemented due to its ramifications in the event of a disaster. In Malaysia's case, there is still no imminent energy shortage or urgency, and the cost of alternative renewable energy such as solar and wind is reducing exponentially by the day with increasing worldwide usage.

Anonymous: Yes, the government can't even take care of a ‘jamban' (bridge) and now they want to build a power plant. The question is, what do they actually want to build a power plant for? Obviously, they want the opportunity for millions and millions of ringgit to flow into their bank accounts.

Lim Chong Leong: We must do everything to stop this potential Chernobyl II from coming into being. If an Umno crony can build a stadium that collapsed two weeks before the opening to be attended by our Agong, what disaster can happen with a nuclear reactor?

Stop these megalomaniacal mega-projects. Say no to Umno.

Argonist: I hope all all the NGOs and experts in nuclear energy will inform the populace well in advance and in all clarity so that the Malaysian people will know the mandate they are giving this government to determine their future.

Knowing how shoddy our safety and hygiene is in the workplaces, the people must be told about the Chernobyl disaster in Russia.

Ghkok: Anyone about to start a one-million Facebook campaign, ‘Say No to Nuclear Power Stations'?

Guessing game continues on state polls

Mat Bond: Taib can give 1,001 reasons to ban people from entering Sarawak. The true fact remains that it will be used to ban opposition politicians from entering and campaigning against BN during the coming election.

And if this ban really materialise, can Taib still claim that he is a true democratic leader. Shame on BN trying to win election through abuse of power. We might as well declare that there will be no more elections and just extend Taib's tenure beyond July 2011.

Allah is forgiving. Allah will forgive all sins against Him but sins against rakyat, only the rakyat can forgive.

Bozo: Abdul Taib Mahmud's only inspiration is to get married first before thinking when the state election will be held. Is he really interested in the state's affairs? Yes, when there is money to be made. It's high time to get him out.

Anonymous: How can he go to Mecca, a holy place, when he did so many ‘haram' and unethical things in Sarawak.

Brickbats and bouquets for PKR new line-up

A Voice From The Wilderness: New blood and young talents are like a flow of fresh breeze passing through the party. This will augur well for a young political party like PKR. We don't need racists to taint the party. Keep it pure and be multi-racial in its truest form. We are all Malaysians!

Bersatulah Sabah: The appointment of Penampang PKR chief Ignatius Dorrel Leiking as one of the four deputy secretary-generals shows the maturity in responding to KDM's (KadazanMurutDusun) wishes and the younger generation's expectation in Sabah.

For far too long, Sabah politics were monopolised by a few personalities. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has elevated himself to a different ball game, i.e to be apolitical in a vehicle called UBF (United Borneo Front) in the fight to restore the "lost items" in the Malaysian Agreement. It is best that the 20 points be fought in a not-so-political manner. Leave politics to Pakatan Rakyat, or individually to DAP, PKR, PAS and SAPP.

Congratulations to Ignatius Dorrel Leiking. No doubt you have the hope of Penampang, the Sabah youth and KDM on your shoulders.

Ksn: Do not sell your votes and your souls for RM50 and RM100 to anyone and for empty promises. There are two groups of fools on this earth - those giving advice, like I am doing here, and those who do not listen to the advice. I hope that the Indians do not fall into the second category.

Democracy butchered in the halls of Parliament

DOC: Good article, Kim Quek. In short, Umno has killed the judiciary, democracy, freedom of religion, social liberties, freedom of speech, the right to question the current leadership, the Malaysian economy and "common sense".

Not to mention being indirectly involved in the deaths of a few Malaysians, one of whom was Teoh Beng Hock. Let's see what else Umno continues to ‘kill' in the future.

Justice Kini: When all Pakatan Rakyat MPs walk out from the Dewan, they should have carried the House speaker with them as well. After all, that was what BN did in Perak.

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