PAS Four, no need to play innocent with rakyat


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YOURSAY ‘Was PKR or DAP consulted before you chose to stay on?’

We were in exco to avert snap polls, say PAS Four

Keturunan Malaysia: Selangor PAS commissioner Iskandar Abdul Samad, you still don't get it. People are smart nowadays and maybe even smarter than you.

Telling us that it is an elephant standing in front of us when our eyes and minds see a bull (and s**t) is a sick joke at best. For us, there is no free lunch for the PAS Four.

I received a joke this morning and I thought I would like to share with you.

"There is this smart looking young man and a pretty lady sitting at the same table and the smart young man said to the pretty lady, 'Hi! I'm 32. I'm a politician and I'm honest,' - and the pretty lady replied, 'Hi, I'm 29, I'm a sex worker and I'm a virgin'.”

Tembikai: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you cannot live up to the good name of Islam, I suggest that when PAS split into two groups, the new group please don't use the word Islam in your party's name.

Enough of tarnishing the good name of Islam to justify your own greed.

Old timer: If what you said is true, was PKR or DAP consulted before you chose to stay on?

Avatar1: When Abdul Khalid Ibrahim convinced HRH (His Royal Highness) the sultan that he had had the majority... where did he get the majority?

Anyone would say when PKR and DAP exco members were thrown out, the support came from BN. So these PAS exco members colluded and connived with Khalid to form the so-called unity government with BN. Now they are playing innocent and saying it was to avoid this and that.

On Tuesday, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang congratulated PKR deputy president and new MB Azmin Ali and advised him to administer with integrity. It’s funny that the advice came from someone who backstabbed his partners to gain power in Selangor.

He nominated only his party goons for the MB’s post, too. Now he is worried Azmin might do the same to him.

Let’s see when PAS nominates its exco members, would Azmin decide to choose his own people from PAS to be exco members...

Mushiro: Iskandar can talk all he wants, be apologetic at the same time and gloat that the PAS Four had save the government. If only PAS had thrown its support behind Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Khalid would have been out much earlier and the suspicious water deals would have been saved.

The fact remains that PAS cannot and do not want to work with PKR and DAP and cannot agree on such a simple issue as agreeing on a candidate for MB.

Excuses like the sultan insists on three names do not hold water. PAS has thrown spanners into Pakatan’s works a few times and it is clearly not a reliable partner to the coalition.

Jbsuara: The Selangor MB's crisis was prolonged mainly due to the flip-flop stand of PAS’ president, which led to bickering in Pakatan during the crisis. However, most PAS grassroots members and leaders were with the Pakatan during the crisis.

The four exco members were duty bound to stay to prevent the state government from collapsing. The Selangor people must be very wary of Umno's 'vultures' and stay vigilant.

Anakkampung: Simple question, why did you agree to sack Anwar Ibrahim as a state economic adviser, if you really care about upholding the Pakatan government?

My conclusion is, all four of you should be removed from state exco. Get a new four or maybe only three from PAS.

Malaccan: Assuming Iskandar spoke the truth, why the need for the four exco members to go out of their way to praise and support the MB, saying he was the best even after he defied his party and unilaterally sacked the six Pakatan exco members.

The four PAS exco members put themselves in a position where they had to kowtow to everything Khalid wanted in order to remain in the exco.

Iskandar also side-stepped the issue that the crisis wouldn't have happened if PAS had stood together with PKR and DAP from the beginning. Khalid would not have dared to replace the whole line-up with four assemblypersons from Umno.

PAS did not know if HRH would allowed a state election if Khalid lost the confidence of the exco. HRH could have appointed another MB as had happened in Perak. In any event, Pakatan was better off facing a state election if need be.

It is far more convincing that the PAS exco members kept the seats warm for the unity government to be formed or in the hope of one of them being invited to be the next MB.

Victor Johan: Iskandar, your PAS strategist in your WhatsApp group, where you are also part of, had already revealed Umno-PAS working to oust the Pakatan-led government.

We welcome you to elaborate on this, not just your rhetoric “we didn't want the Pakatan government to collapse”.

Kindly be reminded that the rakyat, especially the Selangorians, are not stupid. I guess it's God's will that you had to do what you did and it had become clear that the four former excos plus Abdul Hadi Awang and cohorts, your political plans had surfaced.

Now, now, now, don't say it was Allah's will that had you all to act so selfishly and stupidly.

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