If not PM, who benefitted from the RM2.6b?

YOURSAY ‘It is not just about a single man, but it may involve many VVIPs.’


AG confirms seeing documents on PM graft allegations

Ferdtan: Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, what have you been doing when you had all the evidence of 1MBD funds been banked into PM Najib Razak’s personal account?


To add insult to injury, you dare to say, “Following a review and analysis made on the documents obtained from the raid, I have also advised and offered guidance to the task force on the follow-up.”


It is still work in progress after the ‘crime’ was committed in 2013? If not for the expose by Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Malaysians will still be in the dark.


Where was our award-winning Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz? Financial crimes like money laundering had allegedly been committed right under her nose and yet she was silent, a case of ‘see no evil, hear no evil’.


The amount of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) is no small sum; surely Bank Negara, even if not informed, would have felt the quake in the money market?


All these institution heads should be sacked if the BN government is toppled, to bring back professionalism to our civil service.


Prudent: The task force was formed on March 9, 2015. Why did they conduct the raid on SRC International and two other companies only on July 3, after the issue of PM’s bank accounts was published by the international media?


Was the AG a party to an earlier attempted cover-up? Did he, as a result, only take further action now because his hands were forced by the WSJ's report?


Saphire: AG, if it had been an opposition member’s bank account, you would scramble the best team of investigators to nail him. But it was not to be when it comes to Najib.


Is Najib any different from the ordinary people? With such huge sum of money allegedly in his account, he cannot claim that he did not use it for his personal gain, and thereby get away with it.


If such a logic applies to him, all robbers caught with their loot would claim that they did not use it for personal interest, and thereby absolve themselves of their crime.


Bluemountains: Indeed, Najib had said that he did not take public funds for personal use. Could it be that the money was used to fund Umno-BN's GE13?


All those who benefitted from it are now implicated; and there could be many of them. Besides, the results of the 13 th GE are now seriously in question.


FairMind: First of all, the investigation should be handled by a royal commission of inquiry. Bear in mind it is not about corruption by a single man alone, but it may involve a large spectrum of VVIPs.


RM2.6 billion is a colossal amount and the payments out from these personal accounts may prove to be a even bigger headache for Umno and Najib - it might involve payments to high-level politicians, MPs, NGOs, Umno warlords and division heads, heads of civil services, police, Election Commission, etc. It is like opening the Pandora’s Box.


It is beneath these agencies like MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), police, Bank Negara, Public Accounts Committee and the AG to investigate the case because there might be vested interest and lack of independence.


The more the raiding of the bank documents pertaining to Ambank is delayed, the more the possibility of important documents will be destroyed by these vested interested parties.


Sadirah: Why is Bank Negara silent on such transfers? It is time that our institutions be free and independent and those who helm such institutions have the spine to stand up and speak out.


Without this, our politicians will continue to exploit our resources for their own self-interest.


The end result is an executive that has for long been so powerful that even fair-minded people are fearful and by their wilful silence have contributed to the state of affairs in our nation.


As Reinhold Neibuhr so eloquently said, “Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible but man's capacity for injustice makes democracy necessary.”


It is time we have a complete clean-up, and some of these people realise that there is a price to pay.


CQ Muar: Since 1MDB is a company under the Finance Ministry headed by PM Najib, what right has he to allegedly transfer public funds into his personal account? Isn't there rules forbidding such irregular or illegitimate transfer under the Banking Act?


If so, why was AmBank silent over such malpractices? In this case, it involved billions of ringgit. Shouldn't this case be investigated under the Money Laundering Act?


What has Bank Negara's governor got to say? In my opinion, the alleged account holder (Najib), the said bank (AmBank) and Bank Negara have lots to explain to the public.


Negarawan: "The AG also confirmed the task force also conducted a raid yesterday (July 3) on three companies - SRC International Sdn Bhd, Gandingan Mentari Sdn Bhd, and Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd - and have seized documents from their premises."


Let me guess - they will do the ‘Altantuya’ all over again. Suddenly all bank accounts and records will disappear.


The three CEOs will attend court proceedings with their heads and faces fully covered and all three would be found guilty after changing judges a few times. There will also be no clear motive.


The main mastermind will live in exile in Kazakhstan to do his PhD research on get-rich-quick schemes. He will say "I do not know Jho Low" and his lovely wife will say, "He does not want to be the PM anymore".


Malaysians will find so much entertainment value in the whole thing that the plunge of the ringgit, escalating inflation, and life's hardship are soon forgotten just before the next GE.

PM must step down pending investigations

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