PM must step down pending investigations

YOURSAY If the money was used for GE13, will the present BN gov’t be an illegal one?


AG confirms seeing documents on PM graft allegations

Sali Tambap: At this stage, this much we know that is true which is not rebutted. That PM Najib Razak has accounts with AmPrivate Bank. AmBank has not denied this, which makes the possibility higher.


There is likelihood that the said amount of money, about RM2.6 billion, was transferred to the said accounts by the three companies. We know this because the police have raided the said companies for the relevant documents. Najib has not denied all these.


What he denied was that he did not use the money for his personal benefit. So we can put the jigsaw together, and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report did make sense.


Since the information was very specific - the bank accounts, the amount remitted and the companies remitting the money - WSJ would not have fingered all these if it did not have solid information because, if the report was false, WSJ would lose millions of dollars in a libel suit, not to mention the loss of reputation as an international business journal.


WSJ would be very stupid to risk all that.


Tholu: Attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail, why are you concerned about the public being confused over the 1MDB matter; we are already confused, anyway.


Political stability and ensuring that the fabric of social integrity is intact is the responsibility of the government of the day, not the AG’s Chambers (AGC).


Perhaps you have been too servile to the government leaders and have forgotten that the AGC is an independent institution and is actually above any government leader when it comes to dealing with abuses of power, corruption and any criminal act.


Stop speaking like a politician and just focus on the investigations to unearth the bare truth and charge the culprits if you have to.


Tan Kim Keong: How is it that the task force only raided the three companies in question after the WSJ expose, when the AG already has received documents from the task force related to 1MDB, including documents related to the allegations of channelling funds into the prime minister's accounts?


The task force was set up in March 2015. So why was the raid only conducted after the WSJ expose?


FairMind: Was this raid done to cover up evidence or uncover evidence? Why are these agencies afraid to raid Ambank, in which Najib kept his personal bank accounts?


I thought, logically, this should be the first thing to be done as it has direct evidence and there is a high possibility that the funds may be moved elsewhere.


Or are these agencies afraid that by raiding the personal bank accounts of the prime minister would uncover a long list of recipients, spread across to every spectrum of heads of government, NGOs, police department, BN members, MPs, etc, including the AG?


Pahatian: I believe the investigations and raids carried out by the various government agencies are out to destroy evidence that may implicate the PM on any wrongdoing.


After all, who is their boss? Remember the entry record of the Mongolian lass?


Rupert16: Does anyone believe and trust this shady and questionable person to carry out his responsibility to the fullest? Remember the case against lawyer Rosli Dahlan and former top cop Ramli Yusof?


I have no doubt his actions will be more of a ‘sandiwara’ and a cover-up, and to protect the men above him.


No BS: I hope it's an investigation and not a cover-up. By right the person investigated should be suspended to prevent manipulation.


Especially when we have seen how brave and unbiased our AG and IGP (inspector-general of police) were.


Star II: Let us look at the whole picture. There is a very serious accusation by WSJ - that Najib illegally transferred funds amounting to US$700 million into his own account.


Here Najib should not wait a second longer but to file a suit against WSJ in a legitimate court of law in America. Dilly-dallying on this course of action will only make the whole world believe that what WSJ reported is true.


The AG, on his part, is only adding salt to the injury by saying that he was aware of such accusation sometime back and that action is being taken.


Justme: It looks like game over for you, Mr PM. The longer you hang on, the better it is for the opposition.


But it's the rakyat who will be the main loser and the ones to suffer the most pain as a result of your weak leadership.


Pity to all your cyber troopers that you have paid to defend you here in Malaysiakini . They look more stupid by the day.


Anonymous 007: Gani, do you want your extension (as AG this October) or not? If you don't want, then speak the truth.


Wira: Najib will probably say he took the money for Umno and the Malays. This reminds me of former Selangor MB Harun Idris when he was prosecuted for corruption during Hussein Onn’s time.


Harun did not separate between what was his own and what he raised from the Mohammad Ali-Joe Bugner fight. He kept all the money in one account - his private account.


Of course, we all knew the court eventually found Harun guilty as charged.


Bert: Whether one takes money for personal gain or not is not the issue. The issue is why should the money go into his personal account, if at all it happened?


You can't say that it was deposited there for some projects, etc.


Pro Bono: One question: If the funds were for Umno-BN to fight the last general election, will the present government be an illegal one, since corruption vitiates all election results?


Election Commission, over to you.

If not PM, who benefitted from the RM2.6b?

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