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YOURSAY ‘For all the evils that you wrought, you will pay by way of retribution.’


PM: New cabinet will boost public confidence

Telestai!: I can't see how the cabinet reshuffle is helping the situation. It may seem to PM Najib Razak that he is consolidating his position and warding off critics.


In reality whatever he does, he is in a no-win situation. Negotiating for a ‘no witch-hunt’ exit with his successor may have been his only chance of staying out of trouble.


With the sacking, he could have inadvertently crystallised a strong opposing force within his party. Stay tuned, the 1MDB mess is not going anywhere.


Commentable: I have never been a fan of former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin and like many, will remember him as the one who declared himself ‘Malay first, Malaysian second’.


That was his first ever move that crossed Najib and his 1Malaysia slogan. But this week, we witnessed a different Muhyiddin. He stood his ground despite knowing the consequences.


Perhaps he was always ‘Malay first’ at heart, not Bugis, not Umno, not BN, and certainly not for his boss. Perhaps he was genuinely concerned for his race and for that he was prepared to risk all.


In a way, it would be far better than being branded ‘Money first, power second, Bugis third and Malaysian last’. Maybe that's reason enough for many people to rally behind the man, despite his shortcomings.


At his age of almost 70, he may truly be the last ‘Moohican’ in cabinet.


Versey: It's obvious to all thinking rakyat that the new cabinet line-up will not help to increase public confidence in the government. If the premier is truly putting the interest of the nation and rakyat above all things, the only way is to immediately reveal the truth of the 1MDB findings by the special task force.


This is the only way deem right and will help gain public confidence in the administration. The thinking rakyat is concerned about the US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) allegedly deposited into the premier's private bank accounts.


Regardless of the new cabinet line-up, the rakyat still want to know where the money came from and to where the money has gone.


The questions will remain in the mind of the people even if their mouths are muzzled with whatever Acts/law.


Apa Ini?: This move has been aimed principally at crippling the investigations in to the 1MDB. But it won’t.

It will only cause greater chaos and unhappiness and deepen the crisis of confidence in the Najib administration. And it will divide Umno even more.


CQ Muar: "Nothing is more important than the needs of Malaysia and the people..." Najib said in a media statement.


But Mr PM, at this moment nothing is more important to the rakyat than the RM2.6 billion that allegedly went into your personal accounts. No matter what you do now or what you say matters, except the truth which we are seeking.


The rakyat are not as gullible as you think. For all the evils that you wrought, you will pay by way of retribution.


WDA: Najib, getting rid of your ‘no’ men and replacing it with more of your ‘yes’ men only gives you some confidence that your premiership may survive a little longer.


As for the people, we are just sick of your actions. We still want to know how RM2.6 billion allegedly ended up in your personal bank accounts and what you did with the money. If you want to give us confidence, give us some answers first.


We have a PM who cannot explain how RM 2.6 billion allegedly ended in his personal bank accounts and what he did with the money. We have a DPM who writes support letter for gambling kingpins. Yes, we are super confident in the new cabinet line-up.


Odin Tajué: Well, Najib, now that everything is all hunky dory in Malaysia, We shall leave your country in your capable hand and embark on our intergalactic voyage to return to our extraterrestrial realm.


We haven't the slightest doubt that you will continue to show your usual loving care and deep concern for your fellow Malaysians as well as honour all your promises. After all, you are an earthling who is a paragon of all known earthly virtues.


And with the Taiko Kaki Pukul, Lance-Corporal General Chief Twit, Supergenius Attorney-General and Compliant Judges on your side, your success is unquestionable. We, the Lord of The Universe, shall now depart.


You will now prostrate yourself at our feet to acknowledge that we are your supreme master. You will remain in that position on the ground till our spaceship is out of your sight.


Hearty Malaysian: Najib, appointing half of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) members into your new cabinet is buying yourself more time and sacking the attorney-general shows you want to stop the real threats of your men being prosecuted, which may implicate you.


Shutting down The Edge is telling people no ‘whistling’ is allowed for messengers of bad news against your administration. What interest of the nation are your protecting, Najib; what confidence in the government are you boosting?


Dood: The new cabinet is missing the most important change - a new prime minister.

A PM tottering on his last legs

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