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YOURSAY ‘So before taking the plunge, do what is right for Malaysia.’


PM: New cabinet will boost public confidence

FellowMalaysian: After recovering from the jolts PM Najib Razak's reshuffled cabinet has caused, it has now become all too clear why he was left with little choice but to remove Muhyiddin Yassin.


Najib was 'tottering on his last legs', to borrow words from an opposition leader and sacking his own deputy who toiled with him the past seven years was the last straw.


Najib's kamikaze move was driven out of desperation hoping to keep silent any traces of dissonance within Umno and when his right-hand lieutenants seem to be the instigators, they need to be removed.


Beneath that wry smile and a smug face, Najib has played his last card - it’s a desperate attempt to keep himself afloat by surrounding himself with lackeys and yes-men.


In so doing, he is buying himself some time before the tide rises and engulfs the last of the leader who is better known for the controversies surrounding him than any good which he has done.


Anonymous_1421806811: Najib, everyone except your cabinet knows the only reason you are doing this is because you have everything to hide about 1MDB, which can potentially give you a permanent home in Sungai Buloh.


You have been making one mistake after another in this 1MDB saga. The biggest strategic mistake is to sack your DPM. You have a cabinet made up of people with questionable intelligence that are apple polishers without the interest of the nation in their hearts.


You really think the rakyat have confidence in your cabinet? Thank you for splitting Umno again. Thank you for fulfilling the Rahman prophecy. Thank you for making Umno redundant and irrelevant.


Gerard Lourdesamy: This is a cabinet of yes-men and all collectively responsible for the biggest conspiracy to pervert the course of justice the country has ever seen since 1957.


The whole affair smacks of a cover-up in order to extricate the prime minister, his wife and crony associates from the 1MDB scandal. The rakyat have no reason to trust, let alone have confidence, in the new cabinet line-up.


Najib has effectively dug his own grave and soon he and his wife will face the same fate like Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of the Philippines.


Anonymous 122461436161429: This new cabinet has not salvaged nor improved public confidence one bit. In fact, the elephant in the room which caused, and is responsible for, 1MDB has now become even bigger.


If the public can't see this elephant and the damage it has caused to Malaysia, to its people and to its international standing, they deserve it. I see the damage and I don't deserve the elephant.


Vijay47: I am sure that Malaysians would not dispute Najib's observation that a new cabinet line-up would inspire public confidence.                                                    


That is, a new cabinet with Anwar Ibrahim as prime minister, Lim Kit Siang and Gobind Singh Deo as deputies, Tony Pua as finance minister, and Rafizi Ramli coming in as home affairs minister.


That would be warmly welcomed by all and send quite a chilly wind up the spine of many.


Not Confused: The PM is so deluded that I am speechless with a mixture of disbelief and rage.


To pick Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, the most hated bully-boy in the country, as DPM is the most misguided decision that this lame PM could have possibly made.


Magnus: Yes, I agree with Najib that it is important to have a unified team so you can move in the same direction together.


But that principle only applies so long as all team members are mutually respected and not expected to shut up, put up with and show loyalty to crooks within or leading that team.


Lone_star: Indeed, if the PM thinks his latest moves will boost public confidence in the new BN government, he must be either hearing or visually impaired.


Immediate responses to his moves are obviously negative. For those who will join his new government, beware, the PM will be holding them "collectively responsible" if the 1MDB and AmBank probes end disastrously.


So before taking the plunge, do what is right for Malaysia.


Kalvin Rekhraj: Removing the people who question you and are in disagreement with your plans is not the right way how to deal with public perception.


Speak the truth and answer the questions the citizens ask would have been the best. Instead in reshuffling the cabinet, it proves that dissenters are not welcome and it's only your way or the highway for Najib.


Ozzie Jo: How can this boost public confidence? As someone so aptly put it, the second worst DPM in the history of Malaysia has just been replaced with the worst DPM.


No wonder even the Malays are leaving the country...


Negarawan: Najib has the perpetual habit of putting words into the rakyat’s mouth.

Perhaps the situation now has already crossed the pain threshold of the rakyat, and it is high time for the rakyat to not tell but show Najib what they think of him.

'Coup' meant to cripple probe on 1MDB

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