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Muhyiddin rebutted on 1MDB fact sheet
Published:  Jul 29, 2015 11:29 PM
Updated: Jul 30, 2015 3:52 PM

BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan has denied that the 1MDB fact sheet given to former deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin was too brief for him to understand the controversy over the state investment fund.

In his latest Facebook posting late yesterday, Rahman sought to correct Muhyiddin, who had said he only knew " a bit more " knew about 1MDB than the others.

Muhyiddin had also claimed that members of the cabinet were given copies of the fact sheet, but he only read it for 10 minutes.

Muhyiddin didn't elaborate at the press conference if the fact sheet was taken back or given to them.

"The 1MDB fact sheet mentioned by Muhyiddin in the press conference, in fact, wasn't taken back. All the cabinet members were allowed to take it home," Rahman rebutted.

According to the urban wellbeing, housing and local government minister, the fact sheet contained a lot of information relating to hot issues on 1MDB.

"A copy of letter penned by Husni Hanadzlah, Finance Minister II, was attached. It urged cabinet members who want additional explanation to write in their queries for his reply," Rahman said.

Muhyiddin had indicated that he possessed only slightly more information about the company than the average person.

"What I know (about 1MDB) is from material handed to me. What you know about 1MDB, I would know a little more than that," he told reporters yesterday.

"We got a simple fact sheet that was not comprehensive enough. That was why I needed more information and feedback from various quarters to help me understand the issue and find a way to resolve it," Muhyiddin said.

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