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Bersih 4.0 unlikely to be able to boot out Najib

YOURSAY ‘The people will march but more is required for real change.’


Mammoth Bersih 4.0 rallies to get Najib out

CQ Muar: Very pertinent and reasonable demands by Bersih to set the record straight so as to restore public confidence in this country.


If Premier Najib Razak indeed has nothing to hide, Putrajaya should insist the prime minister meet such measures to save this nation from destruction.


And for once, Putrajaya must ensure such misappropriation and corrupt practices must end in order to restore and redeem our country's image.


As such, Bank Negara, the police, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Public Accounts Committee (PAC) must maintain their image by exposing the truth, so as to gain public trust and confidence.


The special task force has a duty owing to the rakyat. Do not relent and condescend to these alleged criminal acts.


May all good and responsible citizens, regardless of race or religion, make an effort to turn out in full to support the Bersih 4.0 rally on Aug 29.


Anonymous_1397977242: Bersih, come up with a more drastic solution. Umno is immune to street protests already. You are also risking the public getting tired of protests. We want a change with results.


Gaji Buta: This is a waste of energy. After three Bersihs, things have gotten worse. Work towards GE14 by educating the large number of voters who have below average intelligence and awareness.


Over50ABU: What is the point if he steps down? Who is going to be the premier? What is the difference if the next premier is from BN? We do not want BN to be the government any more.


Without cleaning up the electoral rolls, how is it going to be a clean and fair election?


Limfly: I'll be there at the rally to lodge my extreme protest, together with the hundreds of thousands of the rakyat, against the shenanigans of Najib.


Anonymous #25558299: Maria Chin and other Bersih organisers, please be aware that Najib has his right-hand man to stop you.


But don't worry; thousands of Malaysians should march either to Putrajaya or the Agong's palace to demand for Najib to resign. Let’s seek help from the rulers.


MfM: I completely disagree with Bersih 4.0. The intention may be right, but the implications are far-reaching.


Najib now has a tight rein on the police with Ahmad Zahid Hamidi being the home minister. Planting people to instigate riots is easy. People are angry and Najib knows this.


He will use this to create riots and to declare a state of emergency and suspend Parliament and centralise power. We will have a dictatorship. Do not fall into this trap.


Prudent: Yes, guard against attempts to turn the rally into a racist incident with the help of Isma and Tiga Line. May God almighty be with you, Bersih.


Hmmmmmmmm: Sorry to sound negative but I doubt a one or two day rally will achieve anything. It has to be something that lasts continuously for at least a month. But be prepared for a lot of tear gas and baton charges.


Kangkung 1M: Bersih 4.0, please save Malaysia. Let’s show our support by gathering in millions. Our counterparts in other countries, do organise the same to show your support.


Intheair: It is a very good strategic move to include Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.


Every Vote Counts: Let’s ‘Jom’ Bersih 4.0 in our hundreds of thousands. Bring along all your colleagues, friends from the villages with you.


Hopeless Govt: One month from now is too late. You should do it soonest possible. With social media, this can be done. Or else, all of you will be behind bars, even before you start.


Ren Ai: Indeed, by the time Aug 29 comes, many machinations would be in place to prevent such rallies. If a peaceful assembly is needed, do it sooner. Aug 8 or similar will be good. This is the Internet age, mind you.


Haveagreatday: It looks like Bersih needs to show the rakyat's disgust over the handling of the 1MDB scandal. Najib is taking extreme measures to try to prevent the truth of the scandal from being exposed.


Nil: Whatever you do, we the rakyat, have lost our money. How are you going to get our money back?


They won't be moved by your rallies. They will do anything, at any cost, to stay in power so that they won't spend their twilight years in prison at His Majesty's pleasure.


Liew Lean Kut: Everybody has been waiting for this event. The young ones should take part wholeheartedly, It is a genuine show that you love your country. No doubt many leaders will be put behind bars, but the effort will be worth it.


Kangkung: Time to free ourselves from corrupted leaders. Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad should join us as well. We shall gather in millions to show our support against corruption.

Jaguh: Better protect your Bersih leaders now. Before you know it, all will be behind bars.


Wandering Star: They say, "No courage, no glory". Those have no marbles to show up, do us all a favour, stay home.


Sorry, I am being blunt. Think. Why Umno has ruled for almost four decades? Because you knew of the corruption and injustices, but you did nothing.

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