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How can gov’t-owned SRC ‘donate’ to Najib?

YOURSAY ‘Indeed, such entities cannot donate our money to a political party.’


MACC: RM2.6b a donation, not 1MDB funds


Skippy: SRC is a fully 100 percent government-owned entity. That means its subsidiary, Gandingan Mentari, is also government-owned. So is Ihsan Perdana, which is a subsidiary of 1MDB.


So now here's the question - how can our government-owned entities allegedly donate money to a political party? The monies that are handled by the government, especially at the Finance Ministry, involve taxes from opposition voters as well.


I am very sure that none of them would agree to have any of their tax money given out as political donations, to their political opponents no less, no matter how you spin it.


Pemerhati: When The Wall Street Journal last month broke the news that RM2.6 billion had been deposited in his bank accounts, Najib was dumbfounded, most probably because information that was very damaging to him had been made public.


So he decided to keep quiet until he could cook up a reply which would make people think that he had done no wrong. Thus after several weeks, he and his lackeys have come up with a story which could be called a ‘fairy tale’ because no one can quietly raise RM2.6 billion in donations.


To collect such a huge sum in donations, there has to be a lot of publicity but no one heard or read that Najib was asking for donations.


Another factor strongly pointing to possible serious wrongdoing by Najib is the fact that if the money was legally obtained, he would have immediately given a straight answer when he was repeatedly asked about the RM2.6 billion.


His continued silence strongly indicated that there was something very fishy about the money in his bank accounts.


WDA: Indeed, if everything was above board and the PM's conscience is clear, he would have come forth and proclaimed his innocence at least the day after WSJ broke the news. But he did not and it took a month for his spokespersons to spin an excuse and now this unilateral declaration by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) that the RM2.6 billion was a donation.


Shouldn't the Election Commission (EC) investigate the usage of this money since it exceeded the RM95 million cap that former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad correctly pointed out?


Shouldn't Bank Negara explain how they reacted when they discovered this huge sum was coming from offshore and landing in the PM's personal bank accounts? Shouldn't MACC and the police investigate the donors whether they are clean and how the PM may "help them" since they "helped him"?


Shouldn't BN members be concerned if their leader really used all the money for GE13 or whether some of it had gone to fund his personal endeavours?


I can't believe he is getting away with this.


Nasib Rosak: Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz, will you please explain how a humongous sum of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) from foreign donors was banked into the  PM's two personal AmBank accounts?


Has your credibility been compromised by the powers-that-be? Aren't you ashamed of yourself, allegedly being an accomplice in this humongous and utterly despicable Malaysian "crime of the century"?


Spinnot: If the money was from ‘donations’, why didn't the PM say so immediately after WSJ report? There's then no need for MACC to ‘investigate’.


And why did MACC reveal these ‘findings’ only after the arrest of a MACC investigator, a MACC advisor, and an Attorney-General’s Chambers officer?


Magnus: The US$700 million may not have come directly from 1MDB for obvious reasons but that does not mean it did not originate from 1MDB.


Or that it has not been laundered and routed through the bank accounts of various shell companies in overseas tax havens to disguise the original source of the cash so it can be re-presented in Malaysia as ‘political donations’.


So the can of worms is only getting dirtier by the day and with each new homespun excuse.


MACC now also appears incriminated or implicated - by way of its woeful incompetence or its willful collusion or coercive subjugation - in this shocking government conspiracy to cover up serious allegations of impropriety against it, like theft of public monies, bribery and corruption, criminal breach of trust, abuse of power and conspiracy to pervert the law and due processes of accountability to prevent truth and justice from prevailing.


It looks like Najib and family and friends really do own Malaysia and are lords of the Animal/Manor Farm.


NNFC: Clearly, parties will never ever make donations of this magnitude unless there is some inducement to do so. The government should declare who are the donors so that some scrutiny of their dealings with the government can be undertaken.


RM2.6billion in Mbank: It is more frightening if the money comes from foreign donors. No one give that huge sum of money to an individual for free.


The donor might want favour from the PM, a practice of Najib's maxim, "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". Just imagine how much favour the donor might want for the consideration of RM2.6 billion.


Now it is revealed that the money came from individual donors, it is even more urgent that Najib reveal the source and how he spent the money. It is imperative that he comes clean on this matter.


Bringon14: Why am I not surprised?  First you get rid of the people doing the investigation and then, lo and behold, almost immediately, they tell you this. Why could this not have been stated clearly and unequivocally in the first place?


But of course, we all know that this is nothing but a ‘sandiwara’. Come the next election, you will be gone.


Swipenter: To those who are non-believers of fairy tales, we now have an Arab fairy tale ending to the 1MBD scandal.


Next, don't be taken aback if you see flying carpets landing at our RM4 billion ‘low-cost’ terminal as frequently as AirAsia planes.

Najib sold country to Arabs for RM2.6b?

MACC's 'donation' finding a very sick joke

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How can gov’t-owned SRC ‘donate’ to Najib?

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