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Be warned, Najib to target social media next

YOURSAY ‘As a Malaysian, I have the right to speak. Same goes to you.’


PM: Tighter laws to deal with 'unfair' netizens


AntaraBangsa: Dear Mr Prime Minster, your definition of 'fair' baffles me.


You said, "If scandals (affecting the opposition) happen to an Umno or BN leader, he would have been charged long ago, (or) forced to resign long ago. This is not fair."


Are you suggesting we lower the standards when we talk about our government (which, mind you, is already at the bottom of the barrel)?


All we are asking is the truth. It's really easy to put an end to what you call 'slander and falsehood'. Just tell us how the RM2.6 billion got into your bank accounts, where it came from, and how it was used.


The truth has not been forthcoming and that is why, Mr Prime Minister, the rakyat are upset. You know what will make the rakyat even more upset? Censoring the Internet.


Tikusmati: PM Najib Razak, you say that there is a lot of spin in the Internet. Was it spin when all were praising you in the past (albeit quite some time ago)?


That was real, so now that it is reversed, take it on the chin. Everyone has a different way of expressing their views. Just because it is not nice to one does not mean it is wrong.


If you do good the people will notice, if you do bad, the people will condemn. The citizens are the jury of the actions of the authorities.


As it is now, not a single of your explanations makes sense to the citizens, although it may make sense to you. But then, you always say your government works for the people. Show it.


Wg321: Najib felt that he was a victim of “trial by social media”. To win the hearts and minds of the people (netizens), Najib has employed the wrong strategy to fight his opponents.


For example, whenever there is statement made by Najib in Malaysiakini , his paid Umno cybertroopers will swarm like locusts the comment column of Malaysiakini spouting nonsense.


I can easily recognise them by their names and I always skipped reading their useless comments. If Najib cannot win the cyber war, then go ban the Internet and be like North Korea.


KayL: An exemplary citizen of Malaysia, according to Umno's logic is one who has no knowledge of their rights and laws, does not think, does not question, is docile and cowardly.


Decades of positive reinforcement for these behaviour has led to the third-rate society we see today. No wonder, Malaysia still cannot produce any world-class inventions or scientists.


Instead, idiots with crooked mentalities are selected to hold leadership positions.


LifeFlier: Najib, by following the usual line of power play and realpolitik, you seem to triumph now but your actions have broken the law of nature, trespassed the realm of truth, which will not just destroy yourself but millions of innocents in this nation will become collateral damage as well.


You have fooled yourself by false capitalism and false nationalism, and by opposite belief on what is right and what is wrong. You have let yourself grown into a beast.


The situation couldn't be more fragile when your power is built on deception and oppression. You seem to be the strongest beast now because the rest are weak, so be prepared to face your doomsday when there are other more powerful beasts knocking on the door of your heart.


Anonymous_1433382069: This is not about irresponsible, baseless comments personal attacks or slander. As a Malaysian, I have the right to speak. Same goes to you. We all have the right to speak.


Don’t simply condemn and please do respect other people’s view. Using harsh words and calling people names is not our culture.


Not Confused: What Najib really means is that he wants laws to stifle and lock up the rakyat who criticise him or any of his band of alleged thugs and robbers, or who try to expose what they believe to be wrongdoing.


It makes nonsense of his claims that Malaysia is a thriving and moderate democracy. In all thriving democracies worldwide, the people are able to criticise and often expose wrongdoing.


If such claims are proven to be libellous, then laws exist to rectify those things. However, here messengers are rounded up and jailed under discredited, ancient laws that have no place in a modern society.


Gerard Lourdesamy: Sue them for libel or slander in the courts or have them investigated for criminal defamation. Why tighten the laws if you have nothing to fear or hide?


Only corrupt leaders when pushed into a corner will talk about controlling the media and restricting freedom of the press.


What Najib wants is a social media that will dance to his and his wife Rosmah Mansor's tune. Sadly as far as the rakyat are concerned, the joget is over.


Negarawan: What is really needed is for the PM to go on compulsory leave pending any corruption or criminal investigation involving him.


By not going on leave, Najib has caused serious impediments to investigations on 1MDB, and may even put a stop to all investigations to his benefit. This is gross abuse of power and is a great injustice to the rakyat.

Vijay47: Again we have the prime minister adopting his Little Boy Blue role, complete with weepy eyes and thumb-in-mouth.


Dear Najib, don't you ever listen to your speeches before delivering them? You keep bemoaning that the opposition is treated with kid gloves while you are painted as the Big Bad Wolf, though not of Wall Street’s kind.


Well, Najib, for one thing, you are the prime minister and we expect and demand higher of you. The sins you say certain opposition members come with are, sad to say, sex peccadillos, and though they should be frowned upon, do not carry national import.


If you are a victim, it is fully of your own making, with your inability or refusal to offer a simple direct answer to suspicious actions of gigantic proportions.


Stand up and be a man, Najib, not a wimp, whining and hiding behind laws you create for your benefit though perhaps not for your now famous ‘personal gain’.


Magnus: So, Najib, can you tell us as to who gave you the mysterious RM2.6 billion wired into your bank accounts in 2013 and why that person gave you that whopping sum of cash to use for your "non-personal" gain?


If not for your personal gain, then whose personal gain was that whopping sum of cash used for?


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