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PM, wish we could move on as easily as you

YOURSAY ‘Lack of answers on 1MDB, alleged billions in accounts most troubling.’


Reshuffle a done deal, let's move on: PM                            

Anonymous #44199885: PM, I would like to move on as well but how do we do this with issues relating to 1MDB, the source of the US$700 million allegedly paid into your personal bank accounts, the source of the funds of RM2 million paid into your wife Rosmah Mansor's personal accounts and the uses to which the monies have been put, continuing to be a drag on the credibility of your administration.


To top all this, there are what seems like moves to stymie the investigations into the foregoing.


WDA: Move on? You wish. With the current political turmoil and the 1MDB debacle, Premier Najib Razak, must have had no rest or a good night's sleep.


Come to think of it, it seems like it's been a while since you and the better half went jet-setting on a holiday together - and summer is almost over.


You wish the people will move on but we are going to keep asking you the RM2.6 billion questions:


1) Did somebody deposit the enormous amount of money into your personal accounts?


2) If yes, who is this person or entity? Are they local or foreign?


3) How did it escape Bank Negara’s scrutiny?


4) What was done with the money?


5) What was the balance just before you closed the accounts?


Answer these questions truthfully and in detail and we would probably move on.


Shamu99: Indeed, why can't there be answers instead of using the excuse of “investigations ongoing”? If the PM answers these questions, the rakyat will be satisfied and we won't have this stand-off.


If mistakes were done, admit them, and you may still be PM.


CQ Muar: Move on just like that and forget the past? Why and what your intentions are in changing the cabinet is obvious, and we know the reasons behind it.


We demand to know the truth about 1MDB and those astronomical sums of money allegedly deposited into your personal accounts.


Multi Racial: We are not interested in your cabinet ministers. They are all your yes-men and women. We are interested in the RM42 billion in 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion claimed to have been credited into your account.


J Yeoh: The PM said his cabinet is well accepted by the rakyat. This is a 'shiok sendiri' mentality.


Anyone with IQ more than zero knows the motive behind the sacking of two ministers and the attorney-general, while four important PAC members promoted to the cabinet.


MockingJay: I am sure Najib is making the right decisions and moves. As the current PM of Malaysia, he has to face many challenges ahead. We know that. It is not an easy task, but I am sure the PM will overcome them and bring Malaysia to a higher level.


It's not as if former DPM Muhyiddin Yassin did not attend cabinet meetings, could not call on 1MDB if he needed information, or attended the many briefings on 1MDB.


It seems really clear that Muhyiddin was sacked not for questioning 1MDB but for insubordination and not following the collective cabinet and Umno supreme council plan on how to tackle and solve the 1MDB issue.


I Am Sabahan: I agree with our PM that it's time to move forward following the cabinet reshuffle to focus on more important things: So where are the missing billions?


FellowMalaysian: Najib asked everyone to move on as there are more important things to do. True, but have you include resolving the 1MDB debacle in your list? Or are you asking us to 'move on' from 1MDB?


CHKS: Good. Reshuffle done, let's move back to the crucial questions:


1) Was RM2.6 billion transferred into Najib's private accounts?


2) Was the money used to bankroll BN in the last general election?


Dalvik: "We must address the people’s wants, as they are just concerned about food on their table," said Najib.


The fact that you reshuffle the cabinet showed how out of touch you are with the people. That US$700 million alleged in your private account can do a lot more if it was distributed to the people, no?


Divergent: With the new cabinet, I hope that the people's welfare will be cared by the government.


It is not just about food but it is also about houses, transportation, education and much more, that the government needs to take seriously.


Kawak: The DPM said Umno must go on the offensive. So, we have a sudden surge of Umno cybertroopers subscribing to Malaysiakini and participating in the commentaries. Welcome, Umno cybertroopers. Thank you for your financial support.


Speechless: Sorry, I can't move on until my RM2.6 billion question has been answered.

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