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MACC's 'donation' finding a very sick joke

YOURSAY ‘Why could this not have been stated unequivocally in the first place?’


MACC: RM2.6b a donation, not 1MDB funds


FellowMalaysian: Allow me to postulate how the RM2.6 billion came from 1MDB funds. A prominent power producing firm, let's just call Company A, sold its decrepit plant after reaping billions of ringgit from the government for a song.


Valued by auditors to be worth RM400 million, 1MDB bought the plant from Company A at RM2.3 billion. Company A then made an undisclosed amount of 'donation' to the tune of hundreds of million and bank the funds into PM Najib Razak's account via a network of offshore banks and fund managers.


Could this be the way how Najib's personal account was suddenly enriched? Otherwise, please tell me, why would a foreigner, Arabs or otherwise, be so kind and generous to Najib or to BN?


I dare Najib to irrevocably name his source of donor or donors, otherwise I dare say no one, save Najib and his bunch of coteries, will believe any of the hogwash that was drummed up by Najib and his spokespersons the past few days.


Kim Quek: This startling Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) statement looks phoney.


On the one hand, it claims the RM2.6 billion did not come from 1MDB but from donors; on the other hand, it describes the funds as having been “allegedly” deposited into the prime minister’s accounts.


Further, it claims that the investigation report relating to the RM2.6 billion has been referred to the attorney-general.


When MACC used the word “allegedly” to describe the bank transactions, it means that it is uncertain of the facts relating to them. Since it is uncertain, how could it confirm that the money did not come from 1MDB but from donors?


And how could it present the report to the attorney-general when it is in such a preliminary stage when it is not even sure of such bank transactions? How could it justify its claim of uncertainty when the payee, the recipient, and the quantum can be ascertained within a matter of minutes in these days of computerised banking operation?


And why this sudden and apparently immature and unprofessional announcement when both the MACC chief Abu Kassim Mohamed and deputy chief Mohd Shukri Abdull had suddenly and simultaneously gone on mysterious leave, according to the Sin Chew Daily dated Aug 1?


Will Najib please stop hiding and face the nation squarely for once and explain what’s cooking in the special task force in general and MACC in particular?

Quigonbond: This confirms it. MACC is partial. With inspector-general of police (IGP) and the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) firmly on Najib's side, he is at least legally secure for as long as he is in office.


His hope is that one day when Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is promoted to PM, Zahid will protect him against prosecution. The question is, will Malaysians let Umno continue to hold on to power?


This is where Najib-Zahid team may become far more oppressive than Dr Mahathir Mohamad. We've never had such a polarising DPM before. Civil society and opposition will be the first casualties.


But Umno be warned. When Malaysians have nothing to lose - our assets are fast depreciating under your stewardship, and we will stand up to be counted. You can arrest some of us, but you cannot arrest all of us.


Clearwater: US$681 million transferred in only two tranches from a single source Tanore Finance, British Virgin Island (BVI), plus RM42 million in three tranches from SRC International deposited into Najib's accounts tell everything about the identity of the so-called donors. It's indeed the height of absurdity to claim these sums as donations.


Justine Gow: They are forced by events to give improvised explanations. Without the WSJ allegations and the leaked video recording of the ex-DPM alleging that the PM admitted receiving the money, MACC would not have reported today that this huge sum of money deposited into the PM's accounts was a donation.


Just wait a bit longer and you may see the explanation evolving further to become something else. They are really doing firefighting. As the flame gets bigger, they will be more heavy-handed in trying to douse it.


Lukesky: Hold on, I thought MACC was only investigating the SRC funds. How did they suddenly form a conclusion on the part of investigation that another team within the taskforce was investigating?


I find it odd that the day after the MACC investigating officer were arrested/remanded by the police at 1am, the commission came out with statement absolving Najib of all wrongdoing and several MACC individuals were promoted.


Call me a skeptic, but this suggests to me that a hidden hand might have slapped the MACC and AGC officers into submission through threats of dismissal, arrest or imprisonment.


No To Corruption: It is illogical and difficult to comprehend for someone to donate such a huge sum without expecting something in return.


Why keep it in his personal account and kept it a secret until the WSJ exposed it? Isn't it suspicious? How can the public not have the perception that some hanky panky is going on? 


In a trust account, the following endorsement or similar phrase normally appears, "Najib as trustee for Umno". Can MACC confirm that Najib's account has this endorsement? If not, then legally he is not holding the money in trust for Umno.


All of us would like to believe that our PM is totally clean and innocent, but he must be transparent and provide full disclosure. We really want to believe you. Help us.


Hytan: It has been reported that in the 2010 presidential elections in the United States, Barack Obama raised US$1,123 million, according to final fund-raising reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. His opponent Mitt Romney raised US$1,019 million.


It must be noted that this is the richest country in the world with the most number of billionaires. Najib must be commended for the US$700 million donation.


CQ Muar: With reference to former Selangor MB Harun Idris's case, where he was convicted by the late Lord President Azlan Shah for receiving donations as political contributions, isn't Najib guilty of a similar crime?


A donation is a donation regardless from whom or the source, and in this case it involved billions of ringgit. Why the exception?


Birdseye: How was the money used? Whether this was a donation to a political party can be determined by finding out where the money went. This proclamation by MACC is a very sick joke.


Onyourtoes: Wonderful, investigation done, findings determined, and case closed.

How can gov’t-owned SRC ‘donate’ to Najib?

Najib sold country to Arabs for RM2.6b?

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MACC's 'donation' finding a very sick joke

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