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What did Najib give Arabs in return for RM2.6b?

YOURSAY ‘We don't care if it is a donation. We want answers - who, why, for what?’


MACC: RM2.6b a donation, not 1MDB funds


Odin Tajué: The explanation given by those trying to cover up for Najib Razak in this ‘RM2.6 billion in PM’s accounts’ scandal show utter stupidity on the part of the givers, or that they think ordinary Malaysians are more stupid than a village idiot.


We all know what a trust fund is. Depending on its beneficiary(ies), a trust fund may exist in perpetuity. Obviously, it has to do so, as it is an entity that makes investments and uses the gains it makes to support its beneficiary(ies), who, typically, would be minors, charities and non-profit organisations, over a long period.


The fact that the implied trust fund into which the RM2.6 billion was channelled and managed by Najib has existed only for a short duration with the closure of his bank accounts soon after completely invalidates the explanation.


The statement that there was nothing wrong for political parties to receive funds from foreign parties, which was meant to explain away doubts on the legality of how the vast sum of money transferred into Najib's personal accounts had been obtained, has only succeeded in creating more suspicion.


Which foreign party would donate such a huge amount? RM26 million, maybe. But RM2.6 billion? If such a willing party exists, would it not be reasonable to assume that the donation was made with strings attached? And would it not be reasonable to assume that the strings attached are not beneficial to Malaysia?


This explanation given by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has obviously been made to corroborate the earlier two from Umno ministers.


It is reasonable to assume that the MACC has been arm-twisted into issuing the statement that the money was a donation. It is very difficult to offer a convincing explanation for something that is clearly arrhythmic and unlawful.


Hytan: So what if it is a donation? It is still an offence for a serving prime minister to receive such a humongous amount in his bank accounts even though he claimed that no funds were used by him for personal gain.


Even if it is donation for his political party, he has still to show documentary evidence that the funds were subsequently transferred into the bank accounts of the party.


Anonymous_1391693662: This means from now on all companies or individuals receiving big sums from overseas, when asked by Bank Negara, could say it’s a donation.


Aries46: Isn't it absurd that one month after The Wall Street Journal report about the RM2.6 billion deposit into Najib's personal account, all of a sudden BN strategic communications director Abdul Rahman Dahlan claimed the account to be an Umno trust fund and later MACC came out with this tale that it was a donation?


Didn't Najib know it was a donation? Why did he keep denying the WSJ claim every time he was asked about it? If it was a legitimate donation, why was it kept a secret till now?


Isn't it significant that the 1MDB story tellers are suddenly overcome with this urge to acknowledge and justify Najib having received the RM2.6 billion deposit?


Does this have to do with the recent video which has gone viral where the ex-DPM is heard saying that Najib allegedly conceded receiving the monies?


Though they are now falling over one another to confirm what they have feigned ignorance till now, they are still non-committal as to the purpose and source of the donation which I suppose is pending consensus.


Anonymous 1689721435778173: Yes, even if this is true, this is only half of the story. Where did the money come from and where did it go? What are the strings attached to this ‘donation’.


Everyone can tell that it is a big lie and the inspector-general of police (IGP) is involved in it. Preserving democracy is a big lie, too.


RakyatBiasa: We don't care if it is a donation. We want answers - who, why, for what? Perhaps Najib has sold Malaysia to the Arabs?


FairMind: Questions - Who made the donations? Why this statement came only from the MACC? What about the other three members of the task force - Bank Negara, police and the Attorney-General’s Chambers?


What evidence are there to proof that it was a donation? Did the donation include the money from SRC International?


LKT: This is an asinine pronouncement by MACC. A complete insult to the intelligence of every Malaysian. The fact that the US$700 million remittance had broken nearly every rule and regulation governing the transfer of money, and yet not a single enforcement agency sees it as a crime.


That the money was allegedly used to finance GE13 so as to give BN an unfair advantage is the ultimate insult. Surely, the Najib government has no more moral authority to rule and then lecture the rakyat about rule of law.


The king must insist that Parliament be dissolved and a fresh election be called. Malaysia and its people deserve an elected government that is completely untainted by ‘dirty’ money.


Magnus: From all that has been exposed to date, my guess on the unexplained amount in question wired into Najib's accounts in 2013 is the return of the US$700 million fictitious repayment of a fictitious loan that was paid as part of the initial US$1 billion investment in the extremely short-lived 1MDB-PetroSaudi International joint venture which was converted to a murabahah loan/s soon after.


The money was split into two payments with US$700 million paid by 1MDB to Good Star, the shell company set up by Jho Low in a tax haven to, I suspect, launder and hold those funds for use and/or return later, perhaps as "political donations" from someone to fund and bankroll GE13 and/or for other unknown purposes.


MACC should liaise with Interpol to find Jho Low and his sidekicks, including Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil, and collaborate with their UK (and also US, Swiss and Singapore) counterparts to interview Jho Low and the two PetroSaudi (UK) directors who were reported by Sarawak Report to have been involved in the setting up of the very short-lived and suspect 1MDB-PetroSaudi joint venture.


The bank managers of the various foreign banks, reported by Sarawak Report to have been used in the alleged money laundering of the alleged 1MDB cash, should also be interviewed.


Only then Malaysians will know if that US$681 million wired into Najib's personal bank accounts in 2013 was in fact originated from 1MDB or from one/more extremely generous benefactors from somewhere, given to Najib either as outright political donation or as borrowing to bankroll GE13.


My money is on the more simple explanation as that is the most plausible, logical and realistic.

How can gov’t-owned SRC ‘donate’ to Najib?

MACC's 'donation' finding a very sick joke

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