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Azalina, it’s unpatriotic to steal rakyat's money

YOURSAY ‘Unpatriotic are those who are corrupt, those who loot the country.’

Azalina raps Ambiga for 'unpatriotic' urgent sitting petition

Odin Tajué: Minister in charge of parliamentary affairs Azalina Othman, first, Ambiga Sreenevasan started her petition on a platform specially meant for the purpose.

It so happens that the platform is a foreign initiative just as are Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore, in her doing so, the question of whether she is patriotic or not does not arise.

Second, the fact that the BN holds 132 of the 222 Dewan Rakyat seats does not automatically mean that PM Najib Razak enjoys the confidence of all 132 members now. That 132 simply means the number of seats won - never mind if it was by fair or foul means - by the BN at the last GE.

The scandal that has further tainted Najib and adversely affected Malaysia's image on the world stage exploded only two months ago and which was presaged by questionable dealings of 1MDB and related companies that have come to light for months previously.

Out of the 132 members, there is the possibility of some of them having lost confidence in Najib in view of the pertinent events that have transpired over the last two months.

Third, your assertion that the Bersih 4 rally was illegal is merely your opinion and which has obviously been arrived at due to your prejudice.

Parties knowledgeable in legal matters have contended that it was not illegal. Further, your claiming that the rally could trigger racial disharmony is clearly something you have merely pulled from thin air.

Fourth, your reasons for asserting that there was no urgent matter to be discussed in Parliament illustrate a very lame attempt at dismissing an issue which is very obvious to the rest of us to be highly critical - a leader who is plainly corrupt, untrustworthy, and a veritable eunuch. Such a person cannot be allowed to lead a country.

Fifth, there are two types of patriotism. One is the real patriotism, one where you love your country and you are willing to sacrifice - including your life - for it, and you expect nothing in return for yourself. If you have such patriotism in you, you are driven by the impulse to defend your country or way of life against injustice and oppression exercised by your government or king. Note that - government or king.

The other is pseudo-patriotism, or what Samuel Johnson described as the last refuge of a scoundrel. The scoundrel-patriot has no real and generous love of his country; he only pretends to be patriotic as a cloak to cover his self-interest. One of his ploys is to divert attention away from events while professing undying love for his country and thus engineers outcomes to further his own agenda.

You, Azalina, and the rest who are vainly supporting Najib even to the extent of regurgitating masses of inane, scatterbrained words and make yourselves look like victims of badly bungled lobotomy, are all pseudo-patriots.

Milosevic: Samuel Johnson, the great English literary figure, said the patriotism was the last refuge of the scoundrel. It is so fascinating seeing this quip play out in Malaysia.

It is the abusers of the rakyat, in both political and financial terms, and who have lived lifestyles beyond imagination because of their political machinations, who are resorting to patriotic posturing.

If we look around the world, we will see many former and present corrupt dictators so naturally self-delude themselves into thinking they are patriotic while their opponents are anti-national.

Voices for democracy are ridiculed as being foreign agents and beyond that, imprisoned or worse. It is sad to see the tropical gangsters of Malaysia follow the script of these corrupt dictators.

XED: Protecting crooked and unethical politicians who are in positions of power is unpatriotic. This minister is a failed lawyer trying to impress people. The more she opens her mouth, the more she shows her ignorance.

Casey: "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official,” said Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States.

To every righteous citizen of the country, Ambiga is a true patriot. On the other hand, Najib, who is trying to cling on to his chair and assisted by sycophants like Azalina, without due regard given to national interest, is committing an act of treachery against the nation.

Now Azalina, tell us how could a public demand for the impeachment or removal of Najib (who has lost all credibility and moral standing as the prime minister of country) via a motion of no confidence cause racial disharmony? Other than of course, the real issue being distorted and the unsuspecting Malays being instigated by a rabble-rouser like you.

Being legally trained, please tell us, how a public petition to elected representatives, urging them to act in the interest of nation, can be construed as undemocratic?

Ozzie Jo: Azalina, patriotism is for a country, not a person so please don't mistaken Ambiga's action as being unpatriotic.

She has proven her patriotism, and love, for her country. You, on the other hand, don't seem to have your country at heart at all.

No normal person with more than an iota of common sense will consider a PM who transferred billions of ringgit of dubious origin in and out of his personal bank account a credible and honourable leader.

NurNilamSari: Thanks to fellow Malaysians who had signed the petition. Please continue to share the link and get more friends to sign. Azalina just did us a big favour by promoting the petition.

Kookie: Where do your loyalties lay, Azalina? To the country and taxpayers who pay your salary? To the rule of law? To the party? To yourself? To the corrupt leadership?

Lies, Lies & More Lies: Unpatriotic are those who are corrupt. Those who loot the country. Those who give contracts to relatives. Those who bribe the citizens. Those who sell buildings and take hefty commissions. Those who plunder the nation.

Unpatriotic is not someone who wants some answers and not getting any.

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