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Ku Nan is right, M’sia is ‘possessed’ by evil spirits

YOURSAY ‘IACC delegates have made our possessed politicians even more demonic.’

Minister says critics at IACC were 'possessed'

JusticeNow!: So, it must be the Jews and the Christians who ‘rasuk’ (possessed) the 16 th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) delegates, as usual.

These delegates came from 130 countries. This time they could not say it is the West because many were from third world countries.

They really lost it this time as Malaysia is the one who hosted the conference and probably tried to whitewash its anti-corruption record, but it has backfired in an unimaginable scale.

Fairnsquare: The whole world thinks it is wrong that PM Najib Razak failed to explain the US$700 million in his personal bank account and expressing disbelief that it was a 'donation.'

All those who played a part in the 'crime,' will of course refuse to accept the criticism from IACC. The world cannot be wrong.

The rakyat are demanding what the world is demanding.

Casey: Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, we live in a globalised world - a world of communication where no man is an island; where everyone gets information about everyone else.

Whether you like it or not, as a sitting prime minister of a parliamentary democracy, Najib will be subjected to comparison to his peers around the world with regard to principles, ideals and international standards.

Now tell us, with such an act allegedly committed by Najib against the nation and its people, has he the moral standing to continue in office?

Had the same been committed by say, the British or the Australian or the Japanese prime minister, do you think that they would have been forced to step down in humiliation or booted out by motion of no confidence?

J Ng: Adnan is correct. This country is full of evil spirits. Other than our cabinet ministers and enforcement institutions, even the IACC delegates were possessed by them.

It is time that this country is cleansed of the corrupt devils. The conference delegates had appeared to make our ‘possessed’ politicians even more demonic.

Turvy: Adnan and the other ministers who are screaming of lack of politeness by those who have criticised the PM's conduct should instead be dealing with the gravity of the situation before them.

The speakers at the IACC conference were not speaking out of gratuitous speculations but from established facts.

The accusations in the media and the RM2.6 billion deposited in the PM's account raise serious questions about the trustworthiness of the man.

If it is loyalty to their leader that is dictating their conduct, Adnan and others may do the man better service by helping him clear his name.

That would help them at the same time to show their loyalty to the nation and the people, and vindicate the trust placed in them.

Not Confused: I think it is the brainless Adnan who is possessed. He is so totally out of touch, not only with international, but for the most part, national opinion.

He is another minister who makes a complete idiot of himself every time he opens his mouth. He just makes things worse for his boss and comes across as a sycophantic moron.

Please credit the rakyat and senior international figures with more intelligence than you seem to possess.

Aries46: It could not have been any worse for Najib and the nation, but there was nothing new in what they said. It was merely a reflection of what the nation is crying out for - Najib to come clean and step aside while he is investigated by an independent commission.

Anyway, what is the point of bellyaching now after the damage has been done? If Adnan was so furious and overcome with shame, he should have advised his boss to take them on rather than hiding behind that meek apologist, Integrity Minister Paul Low.

What made it worse was that those like Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Abdul Wahid Omar and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s advisory board chairperson Tunku Abdul Aziz Ibrahim who were sent to the conference to do damage control had so little to offer in terms of rebuttal or even to defend the criticisms against Najib.

One was even resigned to retribution from God for wrongdoers. Maybe Adnan or the more seasoned ones like Salleh Said Keruak or Abdul Rahman Dahlan could have done a better job at defending the indefensible.

Anonymous 759201436321741: Adnan, why are you so upset? Is it because the world’s top corruption busters in holding their conference here now see Malaysia as it really is as a result of the actions of the prime minister in the recent past that raised more questions than answers?

Quigonbond: What else is new from Ku Nan, those who are corrupt and those who have no better answers to give (because all their answers have been shot down as being illogical, far-fetched, disingenuous), will always resort to name calling

The PM cannot expect this to end. There are only two things he can do. Arrest all these people and charge and convict them using the current arsenal of legislation - perverting the very spirit in which those provisions were drafted.

The courts will be complicit in sending hundreds of people to jail, warping our entire criminal jurisprudence.

Anonymous_1408265047: I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Adnan. Those delegates at the IACC conference were possessed.

They were possessed with insight, fortitude, intelligence, motivation, integrity and understanding.

These virtues were probably not recognised by the good Adnan because they are not virtues readily found amongst his comrades.

Odin Tajué: Yes, Adnan, indeed they were possessed - by green-skinned men with big heads on small bodies and who are capable of making intergalactic journeys at speeds faster than the speed of light.

You in Umno, on the other hand, are possessed by unbridled greed for wealth, unbounded power and loftiest of positions so severely that you are out of touch with reality.

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