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Umno fights losing battle as grassroots 'poisoned'

YOURSAY ‘Zahid, please name the opposition who are poisoning the grassroots.’

Zahid: Umno grassroots 'poisoned' to turn against Najib

GE14NOW!: Interesting, DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi seems to be making his moves. He is now openly saying that the PM is not well-liked by the grassroots.

Take this with his earlier statement of "I will give you two cabinet seats" and an interesting picture emerges.

What it tells me that the tail is now wagging the dog because the DPM, now has the PM's proverbial in his hands.

It looks like PM Najib Razak is now well and truly 'roti kosong' rather than 'roti telur'. These so-called loyalists are making their own moves.

Hank Marvin: This is funny and strange. How can the home minister say that Umno grassroots is ‘poisoned’ by the opposition?

Where have the powers vested in the government gone? And what about RTM, TV3 and Utusan Malaysia . All seem to have failed to do their job.

The opposition, with no control on those powers and access to these propaganda agents, has amazingly been able to control Umno grassroots?

Quigonbond: Indeed, if the opposition could poison the minds of Umno grassroots, then Pakatan Rakyat is already assured that BN will fall by the next GE.

Honestly, it's farfetched, not the least because the opposition has no control over mainstream media that spews daily propaganda.

Anonymous 23651434356067: Dear DPM, please name the opposition who are poisoning the grassroots.

You mean to say the party branch leaders are not aware of these 'culprits'? They should be sacked, not those who are trying to save Umno by pointing out their leaders’ wrongdoings.

The Mask: What moronic idea is it that the opposition has poisoned the party grassroots to hate Najib?

What the opposition and the 53 percent rakyat did was to ask Najib a few simple questions which he has refused to give straight-forward answers.

In fact, Najib has poisoned the Umno grassroots with the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’, so much so that they couldn’t see straight anymore.

Rupert16: Don't blame others, Zahid. If anyone is to be blame, it is Najib himself for being greedy and for corruptly accepting the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’ as well as causing the country to be deeply in debt by another RM42 billion, and then implementing the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to get the rakyat to pay for his alleged corruption.

6th Generation Immigrant: Have you not read the fable, ‘Chicken Little and the sky is falling’ ?

Did you not realise that your statement had rendered the Umno grassroots as stupid, idiotic, naive and brainless.

Last but not least, if the grassroots are influenced by outsiders, than they are no longer your grassroots. The grassroots has crept outside your prescribed ‘tempurung’ (coconut shell).

Bamboo: This is the peril of shoring up support with money. Now that the grassroots of Umno came to know about the billions in their president's personal account, of course they would agitate to get a bigger share.

From top to bottom, Umno is seen by many as one big bunch of thieves allegedly stealing public money.

Kookie: Zahid, as a Malay I really feel insulted by your assertion that the grassroot Malays have no brains.

The only people who have poisoned us is Umno and the likes of you with your lies and bullshit.

Gone are the days where you and Umno can treat the Malays as stupid donkeys who are easily led by the nose to do your bidding.

Ram14: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad has already said it - BN MPs and divisional heads were paid by Najib. So they are happy.

The grassroots makes a big number and it’s very difficult to pay all of them. So they are not happy.

It is the job of divisional heads to brainwash the grassroots, and this is becoming very difficult as they know that the heads have been paid.

Wg321: Mahathir is even more “terror”. He does not need to go to Umno grassroots to poison them. He is like a pesky mosquito hovering around Najib’s head day and night until he resigns.

Najib can take it no more because the buzz of the mosquito is depriving him of proper sleep. He may decide to put Mahathir in Sungai Buloh prison to join former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

That is why Mahathir will be called to the police station very soon for criminal investigations under section 124B of the Penal Code for “activities against parliamentary democracy”.

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Umno fights losing battle as grassroots 'poisoned'

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