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BROGA INCINERATOR: Victory at last!
Published:  Jul 6, 2007 7:10 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

The following are some of the milestones in the Broga residents' four-year struggle against the RM1.5 billion mega-incinerator.


It's official: Mega-incinerator scrapped

Broga residents: It's a historic day

Court to hear status of Broga incinerator


Ebara announces Broga incinerator scrapped

Incinerator: Gov't coy, residents fume

Yes, Broga incinerator project off: Ministry

Broga incinerator: It's over, says paper

Broga incinerator project to be axed?

Broga residents clear second hurdle in court

BN MP raises concern over incinerator

'MB lied on TV': Broga residents incensed

Broga: Site visit turns into a day of drama

Incinerator: Stop postponing case, court told

Broga EIA: Deadline for feedback extended


Broga's new site hits potential snag

Mega-incinerator relocated 200m from site

Anti-incinerator campaign catches on

Police harass Broga 'welcome' party for PM

Broga incinerator: State govt shelves land acquisition

Broga incinerator film set to burn at Freedom Film Fest

Greater disaster in the making at Broga, say residents

AG: Gov't to try and strike out court order on incinerator

Anti-incinerator lobby wins first round

Broga folks have Valentine date with Selangor MB

Consider alternatives to mega-incinerator

Broga residents: Please listen, Pak Lah


Ebara 'ready' for work on incinerator plant

Broga folks press on to save water catchment area

Ghost of Puchong incinerator exorcised

Broga residents take protest to PM

Strong police presence at Broga dialogue 'necessary'

Police's show of force at anti-incinerator meet

Incinerators a deadly health risk, warn activists

Reveal incinerator contract details, gov't told

Anger in Broga over green light for incinerator

Consultant to Broga residents: Don't worry, be happy

Controversial incinerator gets EIA green light

Broga residents protest to DOE over landfill location

Incinerator: Petition sent to Japanese PM

Anti-incinerator group complains of media blackout


Residents: Scrap incinerator, let's focus on recycling

Residents ask court to unveil 'secrets' of incinerator

Letter No 8 from Broga residents to Ka Ting

Laws needed to control emissions, says scientist

Global anti-incinerator petition sent to Mahathir

Broga bag of tricks to forestall incinerator project

Expert: EIA report on incinerator flawed

EIA report reveals fear of dioxins, cancer

Ebara Corp implicated in fresh scandal

EIA out now, awaiting public feedback

'Vested interests' fueling incinerator project

Residents file complaint with minister over ad blitz

Residents take offence at pro-incinerator ad campaign

Broga group: Ads blitz indicates go-ahead for incinerator

Incinerator ads are a waste, says CAP

Broga group plans to take incinerator case to court

French study ties incinerator operations to birth defects

Gov't keeps mum on incinerator funding

Ka Ting: Gov't to probe allegations against Ebara

Doubts pile up over incinerator operations

Landfill another bad news for Broga residents

Incinerator project returns to haunt Puchong residents

Ong: EIA report first, dialogues later

Broga residents tell why they are against project

Residents take media on check of proposed site

Tempers flare at incinerator briefing

Residents and gov't face off in battle of Broga


Opposition behind Broga protest, claims state rep

State rep claims relocated incinerator project safe

Controversial mega-incinerator relocated near Semenyih

Incinerator relocated: A victory for Puchong residents

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