Thaipusam - a day of spiritual cleansing

Published a year ago


Gambar oleh: Syazwan Kamal

KINILENS | Thaipusam is a day of celebration for Hindus worldwide in honour of the god Murugan. 

Thaipusam Day is also a day for devotees to atone for their sins and to perform their vows. 

Hundreds of thousands of Malaysians flock to Batu Caves on this special day.

Among the early ceremonies of Thaipusam were devotees marching alongside silver-coloured chariots from the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple at Tun HS Lee Road to Batu Caves.

After the chariot arrived at Batu Caves, the Thaipusam began a ritual of bathing to purify themselves as part of spiritual cleansing. 

Photos by Syazwan Kamal