Raising the sacred flag in celebration of Vaisakhi

Published 3 months ago


Gambar oleh: Mukhriz Hazim

The Sikh community around Klang valley gathers for the Vaisakhi festival at Gurdwara Sahib temple in Petaling Jaya on April 14, 2021. Just like other religions in Malaysia, the Sikhs also celebrate their new year with new normal and SOPs.

The celebration begins with hoisting the Nishan Sahib or triangular Sikh flag in the morning. The sacred flag at Gurdwara must be replaced with a new one on this day every year.

Besides prayers, free food is part of the Sikh culture. The Langar (Gurdwara community kitchen) is filled with volunteers and committee as they rotate shifts making chapatis, sweet desserts and other meals to feed the Gurdwara visitors.

The Vaisakhi festival is the most important event in the Sikh calendar and celebrates the birth of the Khalsa.