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Najib, no ‘fair go’ if you commit wrongdoing

YOURSAY ‘The media will be fair to you, Mr PM, if you are truthful.’


Be fair to me, 'depressed' PM tells media

Hang Babeuf: PM Najib Razak is a depressed, poor man. He says he and his party and the BN government cannot get "a fair go" in the local press.


It makes you wonder what he might consider a fair go, and it makes you worry about his mental state if depression is his response to an overwhelmingly pliant, fawning and amenable reality.


He cannot get "a fair go" in this country... I know a few people he might usefully ask about the real experience of "having the deck stacked against you" in Malaysia.


Sirach: The media will be fair to you, Mr PM, if you are truthful. The perception is that you have been anything but. And you have utterly failed to dispel this notion.


Your answers (such as they are) to the valid queries posed about 1MDB "debacle" have been evasive and unconvincing. To plead for fairness in such circumstances is a cry of self-pity.


Rojak: The government controls the print media more tightly than almost anywhere in the region. It controls television and radio. It threatens online media. It employs colonial era legislation against critics.


Yet it still feels it is not fairly treated by the media. Could it possibly be time to start asking if any of the criticism might be fair?


Gunnerrun: The media spinning stories? It seems more like the media under your control that does this the most, and the best.


Threats of shutting down and banning publications that are too vocal seem to be the way, but somehow you are now asking for fairness. What an unbelievably shameless person.


Kingfisher: Human nature is vast dark forest, Mr PM. One's depression can result from any one or a number of causes.


Malaysians in general show much empathy and esteem for their leaders in general despite some glaring inadequacies in their leadership. However, the discontent against the leadership has reached unprecedented levels.


The question in most minds now is whether the leaders are solutions to national problems or have they become problems themselves. The onus is now on the leaders.


CQ Muar: Najib, be fair to you? You've got to be kidding. With over 250 comments in Malaysiakini condemning you, this ought to speak for itself.


After all the accusations and scandals, why don't you ask yourself about all the wrongs you had done to the nation? You accused the media of being inaccurate in their reporting. What was it that they had wronged you about ?


Have Utusan Malaysia , TV3 and all government-controlled media been accurate and fair?


Pemerhati: Najib is an incorrigible liar. Remember how he lied that Saiful Bukhari Azlan had gone to see him about getting a scholarship and it turned out that this guy was used to convict former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on trumped-up charges.


Najib is again spinning tall stories, such as that Tabung Haji would have made at least RM170 million from the sale of the 1MDB land. If, as he claims, that it was a valid commercial transaction then he would not have made a quick about-turn.


The reality is that the people are suffering because of the massive theft from 1MDB. To make up for the stolen billions, Najib has had to introduce Goods and Services Tax (GST) and shockingly, he increases the price of petrol even when the price of crude drops.


The people, especially the poor, are getting squeezed terribly as they have to pay more for almost everything and their transport costs have gone up sharply.


Anonymous_1377321471: The rakyat are busy working hard to meet ends meet. If they still have time to post comments on you, please thank them for either praising you for an extraordinary good deed or alerting you to something you had done that affected them adversely.


Swipenter: I guess that 51 percent or more Malaysians must be depressed because they are being treated most unfairly.


They have been cheated of their right to choose who should govern and administer Bolehland through gerrymandering and outright unclean and unfair election in GE13, not to mention previous GEs.


Many of us are depressed over our level of corruption, our education system, our judiciary, our law enforcement agencies, discrimination based on race and religion, social injustice, high cost of living, crime rate, illegal immigrants, etc.


Depression is not just the prerogative of the prime minister. If it is any consolation to you, many of your countrymen are depressed over the existing state of affairs in Bolehland and its future after 62 years of Umno-BN rule.


Fair Play: A picture tells a thousand words. The PM said he was 'depressed' because of 'unfair reporting'. How so when he has the might of all government machinery at his disposal?


Now coming back to the photograph of him above - he looks much more than depressed, maybe worried of what the future might hold.


Justine Gow: Hey, what happens to all those scripts about the brave Bugis warrior who is not afraid to sail into the storm? Obviously, they don't work. Do they?

The audience is not convinced by the acting, especially after the Nothing2Hide forum, which failed to materialise.


So, now a different tack - try acting as the victim (Cinderella) bullied by the media (stepmother and stepsisters) to gain sympathy from the audience.


Dalvik: I feel you, PM. I am sure you will be even more depressed to read the report on Sarawak Report about your 'inheritance'.


Fret not. You are the Bugis warrior and we are all behind you to clear your name.

Depression can be cured with bitter pill of truth

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Najib, no ‘fair go’ if you commit wrongdoing

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