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YOURSAY ‘The source of the info is not important. The damning content is.’


Minister casts doubt on WSJ report, bets RM1k


Gunnerrun: The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) does not print something irresponsibly. This paper is so renowned and respected that it is the gold standard of journalism for the world’s business community.


They will not in a million years be printing something that will place the paper in jeopardy and therefore lose their credibility that took years and years to build.


Anonnona: Newspapers do not reveal their sources. You would recall that the identity of 'Deep Throat' in the Watergate scandal was only revealed after 30 years.


Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan, a more logical move would be to sue both the WSJ and Sarawak Report if you are sure that what they are reporting is nonsense.


LEF: Abdul Rahman speaks like a typical Umno politician. As long as they are in power, anything you say against them must be malicious even though it is the truth.


If he wants to be part of the new Malaysian political landsape, he should learn to acknowledge that facts are facts and it does not depend on where they come from.


RCZ: Doesn't Abdul Rahman realise that the Umno spins don’t work anymore. The source is not important. The damning content is.


Abdul Rahman can bet with himself as no one is interested to take up his stupid bet.


MinahBulat: Kota Belud MP, I think the recent earthquake in Ranau must have affected your brains. Betting during Ramadan? What nonsense is this?


Come on, even if you want to bet, be a man. Want to shut the critics up, put up a RM10 million bet and see if anyone dares to take you on?


You have a point on the unnamed source, but the way I see it, WSJ is waiting for the Malaysian government to sue them and in the court of law all will be revealed.


If you have, to use Baru Bian’s words, testicular fortitude, then sue WSJ, if not just shut up.


Well Thats Fantastic: So we should believe that a betting Muslim minister is telling the truth? That he knows the difference between right and wrong?


And you can read between his lines that the unknown investigator is who they would prefer to go after, instead of what they should be doing.


Bad Head: I was told that Sabah politicians like to gamble. Now I am convinced.


FairMind: WSJ is not Utusan Malaysia . They are read and trusted by the whole world and they cannot be threatened like what Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is doing to The Edge .


Truth: Instead of accusing WSJ, etc, it would be much easier to just ask AmBank to deny that such money is in such an account or deny the existence of such an account, then shame will befall WSJ.


Otherwise, the shame is on the minister.


Jaguh: Simple, just ask Najib to show his bank statements. Or are they also under the Official Secrets Act (OSA)?


Anonymous #19098644: Not one word to say that the three AmBank accounts are not Najib's and does not exist.


All Najib has to do is proof that the three stated accounts are fictitious. He has not and cannot do so because they are real.


Eagle: This is not gutter journalism. There has been substantial research to produce a well-written article and a believable story.


Najib and the government have wasted too much time brushing everything off instead of providing clear answers to the allegations. The public now believe in these stories more than his denials.


So if you know better, Abdul Rahman, where is the cash redeemed from the Cayman Islands and parked in a Singapore bank?


Shovelnose: Malaysia, oh Malaysia. You've spent millions, if not billions, sending hundreds of thousands to be educated in some of the best tertiary institutions all over the world but not a single one come to the defence of the incumbent government and counter the 1MDB allegations in simple terms.


Only accusations of spins, lies and what not.


GI Joe: There should be a back-up transaction listing in Bank Negara Malaysia and the information can be easily available from this wire transfer.


Falcon Bank and the Singapore Monetary Authority should also have kept a copy of the transaction.


Orange88: When the PM himself did not deny the transfer of US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to his personal account, this already proves itself. Why bet only RM1,000? Make it RM1 million.


Mamba: Keep your RM1,000, minister. RM42 billion divided by 30 million of us = RM1,400 per person. We want our money back.


RKR: Strange that Abdul Rahman refers to a WSJ report as a sad day for journalism. With Utusan and New Straits Times reports, it's a sad day for journalism in Malaysia every day.

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