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PM's 'depression' can be cured with bitter pill of truth

YOURSAY ‘How touching, Najib is playing the sympathy card.’


Be fair to me, 'depressed' PM tells media


Odin Tajué: From what I have gathered from the comments of my fellow Malaysiakini readers, practically all the print media - and not to forget the radio and the TV stations - in Malaysia are mouthpieces of the BN.


So what's your problem, PM Najib Razak? No, you wouldn't know because you are self-delusional.


No matter how hard those mainstream newspapers try to flatter BN, not many people would believe them, because those important to you have been found to publish outright lies, taken to court, and made to pay compensation to the targets of their defamation.


And that is why they lose out on circulation. Only the gullible and the fanatical supporters of the BN would read them. Those with sufficient intellect read the alternative news media.


Steve Oh: Depression can be cured by taking the bitter pill of truth. If the man can't govern, you have to admit he can act and now tries to win public sympathy playing the victim and spinning. But the fish are not biting.


The many readers' responses instead expose a man crying wolf and imitating former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s style of talking with tongue-in-cheek. God is not mocked and a man reaps what he sows.


Najib is reaping the hype, spin and lies of his own doing. Blaming the media, yet citing their falling circulation, does not add up. It is Umno-owned media like Utusan Malaysia that is losing traction with the public and punished by the courts for defamation and lies.


Corrupt politicians are their own worst enemy - an 'accursed brood'. They are scum of the earth and deserve our harshest criticism.


Greece is bankrupt because of corruption and mind-boggling debts. If the impoverished Greeks had been tougher on the corrupt, their plight might have been avoided. That is the lesson for Malaysia. Stop the corrupt now or suffer.


Wira: Najib, how often have you been truthful? The media controlled by you lied to the people. Some of them are racist to the core. Some were sued and lost hundreds of thousands ringgit but yet they continue to libel with impunity.


Your inaction because of your appeasement to the right-wingers in your party makes us hate you.


If the alternative media lies, to which we often see you running away from them, go sue them. Do not rely on the partisan police to harass them.


You have not explained the source of wealth of your family and that of your ministers. So please be fair to us, the rakyat.


Headhunter: You reap what you sow. Re-examine yourself and ask what you have done wrong over the years.


Where were you when we were bullied and trampled on by your goons and impoverished by your bad policies and wasteful spending, while your cronies scam us for hundreds of millions? Sad to say, but you are a failed PM.


Negarawan: Indeed, democracy has utterly failed in Malaysia. Corrupt leaders continue to rule with impunity. The electoral system does not reflect the wish of the majority.


The rakyat are heavily burdened by the mistakes and greed of its corrupt and incompetent leaders. Now the leader who has grossly abused and mismanaged government assets and funds says he is depressed?


He has forgotten the rakyat. I almost fell off my chair reading today's revelations by Sarawak Report about the money trail of 1MDB linked to Najib’s bank accounts.


If this is true, then the whole country's future and security have been seriously compromised.


Wg321: How touching, Najib is playing the sympathy card. How to be fair to him when he is not fair to the suffering Malaysian taxpayers?


Malaysian are more depressed than Najib - we are forced to pay the increase in petrol prices when the price of crude oil is dropping.


By increasing petrol prices, Najib wants all Malaysian to pay for his RM42 billion 1MDB debts. This does not take into account of interest payment of RM2.5 billion per annum.


The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not enough to pay the massive debt because there is not enough revenue generated by the so-called strategic investment of 1MDB to pay even the annual interest.


Najib is trying to sell the assets (Tun Razak Xchange, TRX, and old Sungai Besi airport land) piece by piece just to pay the principal sum of 1MDB’s massive loan.


He is not fair to all Malaysians who are suffering under the burden of GST, high household debts, shrinking ringgit, etc. He even threatened to increase the highway tolls.


Vijay47: Najib, your concern and depressed state over lost votes is shared by us except that by our reckoning, the perpetrators are on the other foot.


You lament inaccurate media reports, but I don't recall you being similarly aggrieved with the standards displayed by Utusan , a newspaper that incidentally has lost every single case where it was sued by its many victims.


Perhaps you are referring to Malaysiakini or The Edge , whose reports you deem inaccurate or unfair since they do not reflect glowing tributes to your and Umno's leadership and instead, inform of the truth, unpalatable as it might be to your interests.


To ensure the accuracy you long for, I should also list the gross blatant use of public machinery for Umno's purpose, and Umno's expert elections bribery.


Not to forget, the Election Commission and its sad but selective loss of sight and hearing. Had the elections been more transparent, your sobs would have been not over the loss of votes but your loss of rule.

Najib, no ‘fair go’ if you commit wrongdoing

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