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YOURSAY ‘If the allegations are true, Najib is dead politically.’


WSJ: 1MDB's RM2.6b found in 'PM's accounts'


Abasir: I read the response from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO, not Najib Razak) and hoped to see a categorical and unequivocal statement such as "at no time have public funds via any source been transferred to the personal account of Najib in any bank. These are scurrilous allegations by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and a fitting legal response will be initiated immediately."


What I read, however, was a sheepish denial blaming unnamed individuals for smearing the PM despite his exemplary steering of the nation's finances in turbulent times. There was no sense of outrage. None whatsoever.


That, for me, was the more convincing indictment of the man. Clearly, there is panic in the PMO which, staffed with PR consultants of all colours (including one in black and one who is decidedly white), has been gingerly choosing its words to issue a non-denial at best, and at worst, a whimpered plea of a helpless victim.


Perhaps more significant than the actual expose and the insipid response is the fact that even this has not resulted in a spontaneous uprising against the man. If this is not a 700 million dollar sign that we have finally achieved 'failed state' status, I really do not know what is.


Vijay47: The sheer audacity of what Najib is supposed to have done makes me hesitant to believe the latest WSJ allegations.


Just imagine that you are Najib. With the place crawling with Rafizis, Sarawak Reports, and Tony Puas, would you actually want US$700 million (RM2.6 billion) to be transferred into your personal bank account?


Even Najib can't be this stupid. Or can he?


Shameful: I am not accusing the PM for committing all those acts reported in the WSJ and Sarawak Report . An investigation needs to be carried out to confirm their allegations.


However, there are comments saying that the PM is not so stupid as to use his own personal accounts to bank in the humongous sum of money.


Imagine a situation where you use the account of a proxy who may be your personal driver or friend and transfer US$700 million or equivalent.


All the alarm bells will starting ringing and the poor chap will be subjected to all sorts of queries from Bank Negara, Inland Revenue Department, US government (money laundering?), etc, besides having to worry that this guy may "kiss and tell", may even refuse to return the money and worse still, run away with your wife.


Hence it is not incredible that the safest way is to transfer the money into the personal account of the most powerful man in the country who also happens to be the finance minister to whom the Bank Negara governor, PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police), MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission), etc, are all answerable to.


Saphire: If WSJ dares to publish such explosive news, it stands ready to scrutiny. The best way out for Najib is to sue WSJ. He has a duty to do so. By not doing it, he is tarnishing Malaysia's image overseas.


As a Malaysian, I feel ashamed each time a foreigner tells me that my PM is corrupt to the core. Hence, it is imperative for him to clear his name. Mere denial is not enough.


Sali Tambap: The charge is very, very specific. Just check with AmPrivate Banking account holder Dato Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Abdul Razak and see if indeed there is such an account and the money that was banked in.


That would settle this once and for all. If none, the Najib should sue WSJ. AmPrivate Banking is in Kuala Lumpur, not in Australia or United States and it is just a few minutes away from Bukit Aman (national police headquarters).


Time is the essence to avoid any tampering of the evidence, if any. Surely our police is not that inert that they are stuck to their chairs and cannot do all this.


Anonymous_1423808262: If the allegations are true, Najib is dead politically and likely to spend the rest of his life in ‘Bamboo River’ (Sungai Buloh).


If false, a lot of people will be in trouble - from former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his sycophants, online media, WSJ, Sarawak Report - because Najib will be going for the jugular as he has no choice.


CQ Muar: With the latest revelation and expose, Najib's AmBank personal account must be immediately frozen.


Najib should to be charged for CBT (criminal breach of trust), treason and money laundering, which carry severe penalties.


In relation to this, the Bank Negara governor ought to explain the central bank’s non-disclosure of such blatant acts. No one is above the law. All those involved, one way or another, must bear the consequences.


P Dev Anand Pillai: We had leaders who were nation builders, they inspired the people to give their best and reap the benefits from their hard work.


We had a civil service that was thrifty and at one time one of the best in the Commonwealth. So was our education system. But as we went on, we didn't bother to ensure a fair check and balance, and we too were blinded by the wool that they pulled over our eyes.


Today, we have become a nation where the art of corruption is best learnt and we the people have only ourselves to blame for allowing this to happen. When will we wake up?


Einstein: Malaysia desperately needs the Political Party Funding Act. One could speculate that all these funds are "parked" somewhere and will be used as war chest for coming elections.


In advanced countries like US, Japan, Korea, all donations to political parties must be declared.


FairMind: At least there is one good thing - the money was not missing. It was parked in Najib's personal bank account in Malaysia.

The assets parked in Singapore are only "units". In Malaysia, it's hard cash.

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