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Show voters how RM2.6b donation was spent

YOURSAY ‘If it were donations, where are the receipts? Who issued the receipts?’


Umno needs huge funding, concedes Tajuddin

Thana55: See how the narrative is shifting. Get back to focus. Confirm whether Najib Abdul Razak received RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts? From who? And to whom it was disbursed? Did all these contravene the country's law and Bank Negara regulations?


RM2.6 billion is no small amount and it has taken so long to come up with an explanation. The whole thing is very fishy.


Najib has to be relieved of his duties for a royal commission of inquiry (RCI) to take place.


Hot Khong: If it were donations, where are the receipts? Who issued the receipts? Did Najib issue receipts to the donors?


Indeed, no one else in Umno seemed to know that the RM2.6 billion was a donation until the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said so.


RCZ: Don't give us another Umno spin. Also don't confuse political funding with government spending.


And don’t equate political funding with allegedly paying outright bribes to voters, allegedly paying Umno chiefs to sustain their support, allegedly using government machinery for dishonestly winning GE13, etc.


If you can't see the difference, it’s time to vote you and your sick kind out.


Ahmet Al Tarabulshit: Goodness gracious. So, this Umno supreme council member accepts the notion that the election was bought with RM2.6 billion?


Hang Babeuf: I need funding, too. But that fact does not entitle me to connive, lie, grab what I like, and misrepresent my motives and actions to my family, neighbours and the world.


Jaded: Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, please stop digging a hole for yourself. RM2.6 billion for 6,000 branches is still a lot of money. How is the money spent then? Surely the party must keep a record of how funds are used by whom and when?


Share all of this information to clear your party's name. Unfortunately it is not the opposition who is receiving the RM2.6 billion. It’s allegedly your PM.


SMC77: Going by your logic, does it mean Pakatan Rakyat also needs to have RM2.6 billion to compete against Umno?


We are not dumb and since Najib claimed to have three million Umno supporters, I presume you can collect at least RM30 million a year if your annual membership fee is set at RM10 and this figure would go to RM300 million if the fee is set at RM100.


Bringon14: You say that the funding was only known to the top leaders (plural) when all this while it would appear that the only person who knew anything about it was the top leader (singular).


That surely is a situation that could lead to corruption. That is why all that your top leader did was to repeatedly claim that he did not use the money for personal gain.


The stories that are coming out from all of you just keep birthing more questions. What liars you have all turned out to be.


SemoLina: No problem brudder, my cheque for another RM2.6 billion is already in the mail.



Ringgit continues to fall to new 16-year lows

Negarawan: It is obvious that the international financial markets do not have any confidence in the Najib administration and its highly questionable manner of handling and investigating the 1MDB scandal.


The ‘RM2.6 billion donation to personal account’ narrative propounded by Najib has little credibility and is widely perceived as a major cover-up.


As long as the ‘1MDB cabinet’ is in place, the state of our ringgit and economy will only deteriorate further.


Bank Negara has stopped defending the ringgit due to our critically strained foreign reserves, the result of many years of economic mismanagement by Najib and Umno.


Fair Play: Here is the bare truth. The continuing decline (depreciation) of the ringgit is a reflection of the external confidence or more likely the lack of it in regard to the state of the Malaysian economy, it's current political leadership and the never-ending controversies surrounding 1MDB.


Fair & Just: The fall of the ringgit is the only genuine, true and direct result of the situation in Malaysia. The rest are just camouflage, cover-up, lies and hypocrisy.


TehTarik: I am still confident that the devaluation of the ringgit is a calculated move by Bank Negara. We should not underestimate the central bank.


Some of the best economists in Asia are employed in this highly esteemed bank. At the right time, they will catch all these currency speculators who are going to lose a lot of money.


Our massive reserves of nearly RM400 billion should be more than sufficient buffer for us to defeat these traitors who are trying to undermine one of Asia's tiger economies.


Anonymous_1405071260: We are doing better than Indonesia’s currency which is close to a 17-year low. We're only at a 16-year low. So, Malaysia Boleh!

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Show voters how RM2.6b donation was spent

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