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So foreign donation now acceptable for Umno

YOURSAY ‘It is all right for Soros to donate a few hundred million to Umno?’


Political donation not a crime, says KJ                                

Wg321: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin claimed that it is not a crime for political parties to receive donations from supporters.


So it is all right for billionaire George Soros to deposit a few hundred million ringgit into PM Najib Razak’s personal bank account? This could be a Jewish plot to control Najib’s government.


Or the Israeli may make use of their latest Saudi Arabian friends to donate money to Umno. Don’t forget the Saudis and the Israeli are the best of friends behind the scene because of Iran and the Yemeni civil war.


Ferdtan: “It is not a crime for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to receive RM2.6 billion in political donation from supporters in the trust of Umno, said Khairy Jamaluddin.”


Now it is confirmed and made official by Khairy that the mega fund was indeed remitted into Najib’s personal accounts. We now no longer have to be afraid of being sued by the PM if we were to state/comment that it was Najib’s accounts that the money was banked in.


No need to be so cautious by adding in defensive words, trouble-avoiding adverbs such as ‘purportedly’ and ‘supposedly’, when we wish to state whose accounts the money went to.


SteveOh: It is not a crime to receive money given to the party and that it is properly accounted for.


But it is a crime to receive money from illegal sources. It is criminal to use the donated money to bribe someone. It is criminal to hide the real reason for a donation.


It is criminal to do favours for the donor. It is criminal to receive money from criminals. It is criminal to obstruct justice.


There are more questions than answers. Who are the donors? Is the donation a kickback in disguise? Why donate such unusually large sums of money?


The checklist is long and you don't go past jail, so to speak, because someone says it is a donation. Why not subject the donation to further forensic test by the FBI or Scotland Yard?


Politicians can say anything but intelligent people are not hoodwinked. All that is happening to obstruct the uncovering of the truth tell them someone's nose is growing longer by the day.


YF: KJ, the fact that you have made such an absurd statement states clearly that you are equally guilty.


Firstly, who was the donor? Next, why was the "donation" put into a personal account? Where was the "donation" channeled to?


By your absurd definition, even a bribe can be deemed a donation. Is that how you and Umno operate, KJ?


No wonder corruption is so rampant. The rakyat will remember your spineless stand for justice while the previous DPM is now the new hero for the country.


Hang Babeuf: "Not a crime," you say, KJ. That is debatable. But something else is undeniable. It is a scandal and a disgrace - and one on a monumental scale, by any and all international standards and precedents.


How can people like you condone and excuse and offer these shabby "justifications" for mercenary misbehaviour and deception on this immense scale? Any of you there who tries to do so destroys what little is left of his own personal credibility.


Most of your tawdry party colleagues have already lost theirs, KJ, and long ago. You still have something to lose. You are being foolish in squandering what remains to you in this way, in this embarrassing display of disingenuous and obsequious obedience to party "imperatives".


If your words work, they will save others; if they do not, they will destroy you. Time to wake up, KJ.


Jalmk: I don’t think Khairy himself believes in what he was saying. He is too well-educated and intelligent for such a crap. His target audience is Umno’s vote bank - the relatively less educated rural Malays.


I think it is time DAP, PKR and GHB give the ‘Kampung Report’ idea mooted by former PAS vice-president Husam Musa a serious thought. The rural Malays maybe are less educated but I don’t think they are stupid, they have every right to know the truth about 1MDB.


Versey: If KJ's reasoning stands, it'll open the floodgate for corruption, and every corrupt politician could explain away the billions of ringgit in their bank accounts as donations.


Xed: Khairy, former Selangor MB Harun Idris said that he received a "donation" from HSBC, HSBC called it "extra development charges", and justice Raja Azlan Shah called it a bribe and sent Harun to prison.


Can you say with a straight face that no "donation" to Umno was a bribe?


Mushiro: A simple question as to why US$700 million was banked into Najib's personal bank accounts solicited many diifferent nonsensical answers. Najib answered that he 'did not take any money for personal gain'. Zahid said 'don't speculate'.


Abdul Rahman Dahlan said that as Umno president, Najib was authorised to keep the US$700 million in a trust account in his name. Khairy said that 'political donation is not a crime' and the contribution came from supporters.

They are even prepared to say that the money was from wealthy Arabs. But no one dare speak the truth - that the money came from 1MDB and from no one else but 1MDB.


Anonymous_1421806811: I'm sure they teach critical thinking in Oxford, but KJ seems to lacking in it. Common sense tells us that RM2.6 billion is just too much a donation. We doubt if it comes from local sources.


If it comes from foreign sources, it is even scarier since Umno is indebted to the foreigners and may be the invisible hands running the country.


Secondly, if the money was indeed kept as a trust account for the benefit of Umno, how come Muhyiddin Yassin, the former DPM and deputy president, was not aware of it?


Just because the whole Umno ministers are devoid of common sense, integrity and conscience, don't think Malaysians are the same.


Anonymous_1393313516: KJ, I hve never expected this from you. Thought you are going to be future prime minister, and a person who will stand against corruption and injustice. Now you seem to be more interested to save your position.


Limfly: Khairy, show us the document that says that the money in Najib's account was held in trust for Umno. I bet you can't, because it is non-existent and what you are saying is a downright lie.


Pemerhati: Most of us have been entertained with fairy tales such as Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, The Goose That the Laid the Golden Eggs, etc.


Now in Malaysia we find that a real life ‘Ali Baba’ who has found a goose called 1MDB that has laid for him many golden eggs and made him into a multi-billionaire.


But the ‘Ali Baba’ is not happy that this fact has become widely known. So some of his loyal supporters like Khairy, Dahlan and Azlina Othman are creating fairy tales which claim that their leader did not get any golden eggs from the 1MDB goose.


Armageddon: Some individuals should form a small political party to receive cash donations. They can then claim it is political donation.

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