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PDRM vs MACC - a test of independence for both

YOURSAY ‘Now even gov’t institutions are pitted against one another.’   


MACC director: By God, I'll find the culprits

Ferdtan: “By God, I will find the perpetrators till kingdom come," special operations division director Bahri Mohamad Zain thundered amidst the crackdown on MACC personnel by the police.


As I have said before, there bound to be conflict between the two key enforcement agencies. This is a test of will for both.


I’m sure MACC will be striking back with a vengeance. They too have inherent enforcement powers of their own. They may be forced to use them to check the crackdown by the police.


The MACC personnel, understandably, will be most upset to see their fellow colleagues arrested and questioned by another sister agency. This time newly-appointed DPM Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will find it hard to soothe the anger among the staff in MACC.


So far we have never seen a civil servant, more so a senior MACC officer, using such harsh words in public. To express such anger, Bahri must be speaking on behalf of the whole agency.


SRMan: When the special task force was first formed, who would have thought that such a scenario would happen where the hunters are now being hunted by one of their own kind.


And the hunting expedition even occurred in the wee hours of the morning. It is very obvious that all attempts are being made to thwart any efforts to expose the plunderers of the nation's coffers. 


Bahri, carry on doing your job. You have the support of your institution, the support of the rakyat and I believe the support of the nation's civil service too.


The culprits behind the 1MDB scam as well as the crackdown on the MACC have really gone overboard.


J Ng: Former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad must be scratching his head. With one fell swoop, PM Najib Razak has neutralised all opponents both outside and within Umno on 1MDB.


The new attorney-general had confirmed that there was no charge sheet. Therefore, it funny that police are aggressively and actively pursuing investigations on this ‘leakage’.


Hopefully, this incident will wake up voters in GE14.


Anonymous #12566075: Good on you, Bahri, you have bravely spoken up against unjust act by the police.


You have set a good example for all civil servants - that they should be independent of political intervention in carrying out their duties. All civil servants should follow Bahri's example, and not be afraid of politicians.


Anonymous 1689721435778173: I can tell you who the culprits are. Everybody knows. First is the inspector-general of police (IGP) and then, you know who.


Bahri, you talk brave. Let's hope you can walk the talk when you have found what we already know.


You said after you have completed your investigation on SRC International, you are going to hand it over to the AG and leave it to him to decide on the next course of action. Do you think he is going to prosecute?


From the looks of it, he is going to be even worse than ex-AG Abdul Gani Patail (Abdul Gani came out looking good because he was suddenly dismissed. His past record was not all that impressive).


So I wouldn't place too much hope in this outburst by Bahri.


Mushiro: The IGP under the instructions of Najib is trying to neutralise MACC. If MACC succumbs to this, then the image of MACC is forever gone.                                                          


Democrat: Bahri, may Allah bless you and your family always. One true Malaysian stands up and putting us all to shame. We will pray for your well-being.


Hang Babeuf: What is going on? Either this is for real, and this is the Battle to the Death of the Gladiators - the twilight of the political godlets - or this is just one great sham: a sandiwara extraordinaire to amuse and confuse people, as well as to create maximum possible chaos and uncertainty (which will of course suit you know who and her and them). But which script is it?


Anonymous 693391436760161: Indeed, I too am confused. I thought MACC and PDRM are working for Umno?


Negarawan: The MACC and the PDRM are internally divided into the good, the bad and the ugly.


The good ones are trying to do serious investigations into 1MDB, while the bad and ugly are on the side of Umno, trying to stop all investigations and exonerating the guilty individuals.


Pro Bono: Well spoken, Bahri - one man and one woman is destroying all that we stand for since Independence. Have they no self-respect in not only clinging on to power but disbanding all the institutions that were investigating them?


Our judiciary is a bystander? This will not happen in India where the Indian Supreme Court would by now have made minced meat of them. God save Malaysia and our children.


SWOT Strategist: The hunters now being hunted. Watching from sidelines, we already knew what would be the outcome based on how Najib (as PM) will investigate Najib (as finance minister) while Najib still stay in office as PM.


You have been given the first warning. If you ever resist again, you may become history soon, rendering you powerless to challenge against the skewed versions of what constitute parliamentary democracy, criminal breach of trust (CBT) and a term called ‘legalised corruption’.


Tembikai: I always believe that the MACC has more integrity than the police. You are not alone, Bahri. Many are praying to Allah to protect you and your men. As long as we are alive, anything can happen to us and our family. Be very scared of Allah.


Headhunter: See what damage 1MDB has done. Now even government institutions are pitted against one another. One hates to think of the day when the action is reversed, that is when MACC arrests senior police officers for corruption.


But let us pray that there are still some good and brave men and women left in the government institutions who will not be frightened into submission. If they do, we will have no more hope left.

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