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We lost our moral compass, not just two jets

YOURSAY ‘Investigators cannot be reporting to the man they are investigating.’


How we became morally corrupt and bankrupt

The Analyser: Writer Stephen Ng, the answer to your headline is, "Ask your parents."


Those experts in neglect who think in their delusions that they are beyond reproach. Nobody is born morally corrupt, they have to learn it from somewhere, and they learn it long before they get anywhere near the education system and before they know what a government is.


Multi Racial: Malaysians are to be blamed unless they wake up. Their votes and voices are more important than ever. They need to be heard and their votes must go to those with high moral value and those who love the nation.


I, for one, am in favour of not finding a person guilty unless proven. However, the investigation must be allowed to be carried out without fear or favour.


It has to be transparent and the reporting line has to be seen to be fair. Investigators cannot be reporting to the person they are investigating. Malaysians, wake up before it is too late.


Drngsc: Yes, we have lost our moral compass. In present-day Malaysia, right is wrong and wrong is right.


When a crime is committed, you catch the one who reports and the criminal gets off scot-free. Bribes have now become donations. We have one country, two systems - one set of laws for common Malaysians and another set of laws for Umnoputras.


These are all signs of a decaying society. We are a failed state where might is right. What is more important is, having seen that, are we courageous enough to stand up and say, enough is enough.


It’s time to right the wrong and ship out this bunch of leaders and bring in a fresh bunch, to get us back on track. We cannot go on like this. Aug 29 would be a good time to begin.


Tikusmati: There are no morals in Malaysia. The young are thought differently. Some are asked to eat in toilets so others can observe their beliefs.


Attendees to National Civics Bureau (BTN) courses are taught how they are better than the rest. The blessed ones keep on harping on the minorities to respect others but not asking the majority to respect the minorities.


The authorities bully those who have a different view. Yet the majority seem to accept their lot as they have been enslaved, blinded as they think they have been blessed - enslaved with no skills but provided jobs in the various agencies with little work to do.


They have easy multiple loans for which the monthly installments ensure they are tied down for many years to come. This is modern-day slavery in disguise.


Any opposition from these will invite harassment, job insecurity and bankruptcy. The elite become masters of spin with all agencies at their disposal.


Factnot Fiction: It is okay to be corrupt but not okay to look at the knees of ladies.



PM confirms wreckage from MH370


Sabahan: Why is PM Najib Razak so quick to announce that the flaperon came from MH370, when the French investigators are not so sure?


This does not reflect well as it shows that we are quick to shoot our mouths off before full confirmation. Let the investigations be completed before making any announcement, and the announcement should come from the French investigators, not Najib.


The Analyser: It’s interesting to note that the Australian authorities want direct confirmation of this fact from the French. Apparently they have as much faith in Najib as Malaysians do.


Anonymous 2316871438307502: My hope that this confirmation, however tragic and painful, will at least bring certainty to the families and loved ones of the 239 people on board MH370. They have our deepest sympathy and prayers.


PCG: The French expert says "very strong indications" the debris was from the plane. I didn't know that Najib is a bigger expert than the actual expert.


Magnus: Perhaps the timing of the debris surfacing is an omen and symbolic death knell for Najib and all the alleged political crooks and cronies who have collectively helped cause this MH370 disaster through the years of rot and increasing degradation of Malaysia.


"He then assured that Malaysia would do all it can to find out the truth behind the tragedy."


The truth? Given what we now know about all the deception and spinning going on about the 1MDB scandal, I doubt anyone will believe anything that he says anymore, do you?


I feel dreadfully sorry for those who perished on MH370 and for their families and friends who I am sure have no confidence whatsoever in Malaysia.


Roar For Truth: May the families of MH370 be comforted that from the depths of the sea their loved ones are calling for a reunion on Reunion Island.


Anonymous_3f4b: The DAP led by the MP for Segambut should take over and make the announcement as he had said that if Pakatan helmed the government, they would be able to find the missing plane in 24 hours.


Keldai Malaysia: I am sad for the missing M370, but happy we got RM2.6 billion donation.



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