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YOURSAY ‘If MACC submits to the bullying, which institution would be next?’


M'sians urged to rally behind embattled MACC

Fair Play: Who, in his or her right mind, would have thought the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is now getting full support from the right-thinking rakyat?


MACC has enforcement powers, too. In matters of corruption, no one is above the law and MACC must discharge its duties without fear or favour.


Haveagreatday: On the basis of Ambiga Sreenevasan's and Lim Kit Siang's support of the MACC at the moment, I, too, am willing to suspend disbelief that the MACC is actively investigating the 1MDB scandal.


Justice for Malaysia: I think this is ‘the straw that broke the MACC’s back’. Everybody should support MACC now so that it can do its job.


Hater: It’s good to see all Malaysians coming together to show their support to MACC. We have to stand together to fight for what is right.


Headhunter: Keeping quiet is no longer an option. If MACC surrenders and submits to the bullying, which institution would be next?


We know that Bank Negara is already in PM Najib Razak's crosshairs. MACC must stand firm. With the rakyat behind you, you shall triumph in the end.


Drngsc: The rot is too deep. Many MACC people are no angels. They have helped corrupt Umno before.


In this issue of 1MDB, they seem to be on a different page from Umno and the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM), so MACC is getting harassed.


We will support those who have been victimised because they wish to bring us the truth, but we should not go overboard to hail them as angels. Perhaps some in the rank and file are.


Oh Ya?: By all means protect the independence of not only MACC but all other institutions such as the Attorney-General’s Chambers, the PDRM, etc.


However, I wouldn't hail any individual as a hero unless and until he/she is proven to be a real one.


MinahBulat: MACC asking for support? Have you forgotten about Teoh Beng Hock?


Nobrain: The MACC is under the PM’s Department. It issued the statement that the RM2.6 billion that was paid into Najib's accounts was a donation.


Now it wants to interview Najib on the donation. What good can it possibly come from this? It’s a forgone conclusion that the said donation was from some Middle East donors.


Pahatian: Could all this be a sandiwara? After all, every government institution is under the thumb of the PM or the PM’s Office.


J Ng: The preemptive raids and arrests would have removed most of the evidence gathered by MACC.


Public support can be given but ultimately the blatantly high-powered harassment and intimidations may be too strong for any hero to emerge.


More so, the country’s political checks and balances had long been destroyed by our then-PM of 22 years.


PP1: I clearly smell something fishy in this situation. I think the government is trying to create this situation in MACC and after it has questioned the PM, it might announce that it is satisfied with the explanation of the PM on the RM2.6 billion ‘donation’.


Shanafrica: Let’s hope the MACC revolt is genuine. Just like how they held a mass prayer at their workplace, we all should also have mass prayers at our respective places of worship.


This is what I hope the NGOs, civil society and the opposition should do. It will be a good start before the Bersih 4 march.


Ourvotesdecide: MACC, to prove your transparency and accountability to the Malaysian people, you should at least brief and update the opposition leader in Parliament on the progress and even the preliminary findings of your investigation.


That may also help to protect you from the harassment, for example, police raids and interrogations which you complained about.


Prove your integrity by being professional, courageous, firm but fair in your action and investigation.


Only then Malaysians will trust, believe and respect you. If you do, all honest Malaysians will definitely support and defend you.


Appum: In Malaysia, the civil servants have to re-learn that they are public servants. They are paid by the rakyat and therefore answerable to the rakyat, not the PM who after all is another public servant.


Eternal Optimist: It’s getting very confusing in this country where crooks and samsengs apparently control every aspect of government machinery to serve themselves and their cronies and hold the country up for international ridicule.


If MACC has indeed become an island of resistance and hope, just tell us how we can contribute. May God give us strength to save this country.

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