SPECIAL REPORT: Revival or death in KT
Published:  Jan 7, 2009 10:38 AM
Updated: Jan 21, 2009 11:07 PM

special report kuala terengganu by election

The Jan 17 by-election in Kuala Terengganu is crucial for both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat.

The government is hoping to show it has clawed back support with promises of reform and leadership changes after losing five states and a third of parliamentary seats in the March 2008 general election.

For the opposition alliance, it is a chance to regain the momentum after it was stalled when it failed to meet a self-imposed September 2008 deadline to unseat the BN government

More important, the by-election is the first major test for prime minister-in-waiting Najib Abdul Razak, who is due to take over the top job in March.

The Malaysiakini team is in Kuala Terengganu to provide the news, views and videos that matter.


The aftermath

BN loses out on Generation Y voters

Light and darkness: Reflections on KT

Muhyiddin: No more 'wow' in Umno

Well done, Kuala T'ganu voters!

KT poll: Impact on Chinese voters

Poll watchdog howls foul over 'vote-buying'

After KT, there is hope for Sarawak

Gerakan calls for urgent reforms

P'raya kecil KT cermin 'mood' politik negara

PAS says it fielded the right candidate

Khairy: Stop pointing fingers

'Third humiliation in 10 months'

Dr M: Vote of no confidence against Pak Lah

Nik Aziz: Be gracious about victory

Win boosts Pakatan's ambition


LIVE! PAS wins KT by 2,631 votes

Defeat 'spells trouble for Najib'

Jubilant Wahid vows to do his best

Anwar: Tanda rakyat dahagakan perubahan...

Ong berterima kasih kepada pengundi Cina

Najib: BN terima keputusan rakyat

BN kini tinggal 137 kerusi Parlimen

Umno leader: PAS won one, 3 too close to call

79.3% keluar mengundi

PM heads to Gulf for official visit

EC says it again: No phantom voters

Ali Rustam kena 'boo' di KT

Penyokong Umno dan Pakatan bertumbuk...

Calon PAS puji ketelusan SPR

Key issues in KT by-election

Money for journalists: It's not from me, says Wan Farid

DPM: KT by-election peaceful

Penyokong BN didakwa agresif di Bukit Losong

BN wants to win 'fair and square'

Jan 16

'Cash for voters' sparks commotion

Anwar: PAS menang jika...

KT by-election: Tomorrow will tell

BN tidak yakin ulangi kemenangan Razali

Mukriz bantu BN, bimbang penyokong paling tadah

Husam cabar Ezam debat isu 'cari makan'

Najib hails returning officer's resignation

Samy to KT Indians: MIC needs you

EC coy over RO's quit shocker

'Isu etika' punca ketua p'raya KT berundur

Pemuda PAS akan buat laporan polis

Chinese voters 'unperturbed' by hudud

Pakatan plays down DAP leader's threat

Jan 15

KT returning officer steps down

'Gadis sebelah saya berkaraoke cucu pemimpin PAS'

Anwar accuses gov't of vote-buying

PAS bawa isu ugutan datuk bandar ke SPR

Ezam shows letter, Anwar says 'so what?'

The KT buy-election!

Anwar hints at defections, again

KT by-election: Why Umno fairness is unfair

MCA, Umno turn up the heat on PAS

KT poll a personality contest

Jan 14

Busier than a bee is the PM-to-be

'RM100 in envelope': Student candidate files police report

Pemidang PAS dikoyak MBKT

Survey: Hudud issue not a concern in KT

No room for hudud in secular M'sia, PAS and Anwar told

Karpal to CJ: Sue me for defamation

Sukar ramal BN kekalkan kerusi

BN terdesak isu Farid sisihkan Razali

Pelajar UM buat laporan polis

Abdul Wahid's Chinese New Year wish for the country

Kajiselidik: Pengundi KT utamakan kualiti calon

Jan 13

Survey indicates by-election could go either way

Bekas PAS, PKR hentam Wahid

Polis ramai: Tuduhan PAS mengelirukan

PAS, BN rayu pengundi luar balik

Janji Najib di Kuala Terengganu...

Will the KT electorate vote for change?

Campaign heats up in final lap

MCA hypocrisy over hudud in KT campaign

Jan 12

Ezam gagal pikat pengundi KT

Wan Ahmad Farid says no to oil royalty debate

EC: Law does not forbid treating by parties

PAS cabar Umno debat isu royalti

Muhyiddin: Jangan undi ikut rupa paras

'Erdogan' tidak menonjol di T'ganu

PAS pujuk Cina melalui DAP, PKR

KT by-election: Voting estimates

Jan 11

Hadi, Guan Eng grilled over hudud

Farid: Orang 'muflis isu' serang saya

PAS tangkis isu 'Erdogan' pulaukan KT

Will they bite the 'hand that feeds'?

PAS tangkis isu 'Erdogan' pulaukan KT

Jan 10

T'ganu contractors gets RM16 mil windfall

PKR irked by police 'holiday'

Projek kelas F 'bukan rasuah BN'

SPR edar 1,302 undi pos hari ini

By-election test for ruling coalition

Khairy tells his part in hudud row

Tidak kenal calon BN, nafi sombong

MCA persoal DAP sokong PAS, tapi bantah hudud

BN candidate not Pak Lah's man, says Najib

Anwar says it again: We'll capture S'wak

Jan 9

Feisty BN vs PAS propaganda battle

Najib: Hudud row exposes Pakatan's flaws

Soi Lek: Wan Farid a strategic choice for Chinese

Wan Farid: Saya tidak pernah ketepikan Razali...

Undi calon PAS, rayu PRM

Minister wants probe on pricey KT hotel rooms

Dr M attacks both key KT candidates

PM pelik orang Umno cakap tak elok tentang Wan Farid

Jan 8

Pak Lah in KT early because he's 'free'

Has BN lost its trump cards in KT?

Bebas guna taktik luar konvensional

T'ganu to withdraw oil royalty suit

BN belum puas hati imej Wan Farid

Calon ketua Pemuda tangguh kempen, bantu BN di KT

PAS leader: No discrepancies in electoral roll ... so far

Anwar sanggup diludah...

Kempen di KT bergerak perlahan

Bebas: Bukan kerana Umno sisihkan ayah saya

Jan 7

He may be gone but Razali looms large

Win or lose, it's a rocky road for Najib

Victory in KT will reinvigorate takeover plan

Calon PAS nafi tidak popular di KT

Pengundi muda Cina cenderung sokong pembangkang...

Tokoh Pakatan lancar kempen PAS


KT by-election: 3 candidates in the fray

By-election is DPM's first major test

Najib optimistic of a bigger win

Altantuya posters: 5 let off the hook

PAS: Trust us, we stand for all races

Independent candidate moved by noble cause

KT: Apa kata pemimpin Umno...

Jan 5

Roads resurfaced ahead of crucial by-election

Dr M: Wan Farid a proxy for Pak Lah

Najib harap insiden jurufoto di belasah tidak berulang di KT

Altantuya posters: PKR Youth members arrested in KT

BN candidate resigns as deputy minister, senator

Jan 2

For Najib, KT is a do-or-die battle

Peluang BN 'cerah' lawan Wahid

Wahid penuhi ciri kemenangan PAS

Jan 1

PAS fields surprise candidate

PAS' KT candidate a two-horse race

Dec 27

PAS unfazed by independent 'spoilers'

Hadi confident Chinese will vote PAS in KT

Dec 24

'DAP will continue to support PAS'

Pemuda Umno diingat jaga disiplin di KT

Dec 23

KT Chinese voters warned of 'Pakatan trap'

Wan Farid perjudi jawatan timbalan menteri

Mat Sabu tidak kecewa gagal dipilih calon PAS

Dec 22

PAS candidate: Mat Sabu out

Some issues PAS intends to pick on

Pemimpin Umno tidak pasti menang

'Tidak adil kata saya tidak layak'

Dec 21

Farid to quit as dep minister, senator

KT: PAS umum calon 1 Januari

Dec 20

Wan Ahmad Farid is BN's choice

Dec 19

KT by-election: Candidates set to be unveiled

Indians' support 'crucial' for BN in by-election

Dec 9

'Battle of KT': Anwar promises tough fight

KT 'lebih panas' daripada Ptg Pauh

Dec 8

All eyes on 'Battle of KT'

Dec 5

By-election: Polling day on Jan 17

Chinese voters key in Kuala Terengganu

BN faces critical by-election test

Wan Mutalib: PAS to capitalise on infighting in Umno, BN


Sept 16 gone, what now for Anwar?

'PAS to win by 7,000 majority'

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